Heinrich Trotts Made 2 Bans That were Not Adequate Rule Violations

No evidence = no report.

Either submit any type of evidence Heinrich abusing his powers or take the L and close the report.
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heya @rdonovan02! so the problem with your report is while you do have a story that can go along with some evidence, there's no objective evidence of the situation for the staff manager @Pierre to review and act on and come to his own conclusions with. This community doesn't take reports based on player word alone. I do believe this thread is at risk of being locked as their is no evidence, but in the future make sure you're recording (like with shadowplay or medal.tv) or streaming and evidence from there can be used. While I find it hard to believe he didn't give adequate warning, if he is being abusive in this instance, he would probably be abusive in future instances as well. 

Try to let this report go if you have no evidence and just enjoy the server for what it is!

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lol bruh you got "reported" @Heinrich

-1 though no evidence
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I'm pretty sure that there's more to the story than you're giving us.
I'm defiantly interested in what Henry has to say about this. But as
others have said, this report is going to end up locked because you
failed to give any evidence. You're better off making a ban appeal.
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I'm sorry Donovan, but since you don't have any evidence to go along with your report, I'll have to close it. If there's a next time, just keep in mind that a video or even a screenshot, depending on the situation, is considered proper evidence.

Also sorry I took so long to lock, I got got caught up with other things :p

Report is closed.
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