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Hello everyone! It's that time of year again that @Ariel Lionheart and I host our annual SBS awards! Last years kick was that we added Clonewars and Halo onto the event. It will be announced later on if they will be joining us again this year!

This post is for your suggestions that you have for titles for our awards this year and for overall suggestions as to how we can make the awards better and more fun for everyone!

In the spoiler below is all the previous titles from the year before.

Spoiler: SBS AWARDS 2020

One last thing, we are also looking for committee members, both staff and community members. We are going to try to even out as many staff as community members. If you're interested in taking part, message Ariel or I to see if you can join. There will be limited slots. Only serious applicants too, please.

Nomination polls will begin soon. We will post an update with a link to the discord where you can nominate your friends when it is ready.
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Suggestion to add "Biggest Nerd" as one of the awards.

Sailor Etlenor Dragon Pizza Rivers Kronior

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PvP award but "The Magical Wrecking Ball: Always clearing QP or hallways during lockdown as a one man army"
Ravenclaw Horcrux
The Faceless
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we need a best wild neutral award for those who play dragons and other animals 
 Husband Of Eloise Sugarplum

- Ravenclaw Noble -

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community awards category:

best memer award
community developer award

Doctor PsyConnie Fudge | Constantin Ravenclaw-SiscaScratcher SlytherinShawn HufflepuffGoku Gryffindor
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Best Joey Award

Best Mira award
Been playing for a hot minute
July 12th, 2016
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The Ministry will fall..
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Best Black Person Award
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"Imagine Power Gaming because your RP son got pissed on"
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Best former black person award
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Philippians 4:6-7 "+1 evidence is clear"

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 voldehappy voldehappy voldehappy voldehappy 
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