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The Moitié Organization has been kept hidden for many years.  Few know what really goes on behind closed doors since all information has been locked away to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.  With a new age upon us, we have decided to make some changes. As part of our new community integration program we would like to introduce you to some of the key players here in our offices.  To start off, we would like to welcome and highlight one of our newest members.

Employee Highlight
@@Shiggy Tomura - L' agrafe Voleuse - The Staple Thief

Contrary to popular belief, the staple thief is a coveted position. Estranged from family, Nikola has been reduced to having to make a living stealing staples from office buildings and selling them back to other businesses.  With the at-home work environments swiftly on the rise, the need for staples has grown exponentially.  This has allowed us to see Nikolas' thieving abilities at their prime. They have been brought into the Moitié organization to target the staples of enemy corporations, in turn limiting the amount of propaganda and false information able to be posted around Paris.

Nikola holds their personal values high:

“How dare they deny us the use of those staples by putting them in places where the only option is to steal them. If you ask me they clearly wanted someone to come and take them off their hands. I am doing them and you a service by removing those staples from their inventory. And might I add, I think it should be noted the kindness that I only took the staples and didn't replace the staples with something else.”

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Thank you Nikola for all you do!

Not very loyal wife to Joe Mason Moitié

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