my hogwarts story collaboration with dreamily ai

I hope you enjoy my story, I've worked hard to make it perfect. The story is called: world of wonder of joy in life.

once apon a time there was a young man named  James, he flew across the wind which was warming,the sunshine as , he wore a crystal wings glider.

James went over valleys and fields, he was excited, it was fun, he was a student at hogwarts. He saw beautiful things all around him, he was a child among the trees with their leafy greens, he felt the grass tickle his skin as he passed through the meadows.
James had been flying for hours, flying from one thing to another, enjoying himself. He stopped by a riverbank, resting his glider on a fallen tree, and took off his shoes.
He splashed into the water feeling refreshed after flying for so long, his feet touched cool mud as he swam back up to the shoreline. His bare feet were cold and clammy, but he didn’t care. He let out a loud laugh. The sound echoed through the air causing a bird to fly away and a frog to jump from its rock. James smiled. It’s okay, he thought as he walked along the bank, my mother won’t be mad, I will be home before dinner.
As if on cue, his stomach rumbled loudly and he laughed again. It would be dinner soon. He looked down at his watch to see that it read 5 o’clock.
I should go back now. James began walking toward his shoes when he noticed something unusual, someone sitting near the shoreline. James froze as a chill ran down his spine. A wizard! What’s he doing here? He was staring straight at James, his green eyes filled with anger.
James began backing up, trying not to make eye contact, when a branch snapped underfoot making James jump and turn to look behind him.
“Halt!” The stranger demanded as he stood, and James saw a flash of metal as he pulled out a wand. James stumbled backwards, tripping over a root and landing hard on his bottom.
“Are you alright, young man?” The stranger asked in a friendly voice. James stared at him, wide eyed, his breathing shallow.
“Who are you?” James stuttered. The stranger seemed confused.
“What do you mean who am I? You just tripped over a root. Is it not normal for a person to trip over roots?”
“You… you’re a wizard!” James gasped. The stranger frowned.
“No. I do not think I am. But if I am then you must be the one that needs help. Come, follow me. We shall find somewhere more comfortable for us to sit until we decide what to do.” The stranger offered, extending a hand.
James hesitated. There was something dangerous about this boy. “Where are we going? Who are you?”
“My name is Merlin Pendragon, but most people call me Percival. I am the King Under the Mountain, or as the mortals say, Camelot’s Sorcerer Supreme. And you may call me Merlin.” Merlin answered taking James’ hand to help him stand. “Come, I will take you somewhere safe. Follow me, and tell me your name as well.”
The words echoed in James’ head as he followed Merlin. The word Sovereign rang a bell within him.
Merlin led him into a large oak tree where there were plenty of cushions to sit on. They sat down together and Merlin sighed, looking exhausted.
“I am sorry, Merlin. You must be tired. My name is James, but please, call me James. Where did you come from?” James questioned curiously as he studied Merlin carefully.
“Ah, yes. It seems that you have a better understanding than I expected.” Merlin smiled softly and leaned back against the tree. “I have travelled far from my home.”
“Why have you come so far?” James inquired curiously. Merlin looked thoughtful before answering.
“When magic first broke loose in our world, many sought refuge here where there is safety and hope, but some did not want it. Some chose exile instead.” Merlin replied. “And some of them never returned.” He paused. “But I suppose you know much more than I do.” Merlin continued.
“You seem familiar somehow though.” James said. “Can I... I mean, can I ask you a few questions?”
Merlin nodded in agreement. “Of course, you may.”
“How old are you, exactly?” James continued.
“About a thousand years old.” Merlin responded. “It has been a while since anyone has bothered to ask.”
“A thousand years?!” James exclaimed. “That’s insane! You don’t look older than me.”
Merlin chuckled. “Yes, well, I do like to keep up appearances.” He reached inside a pouch hanging from his belt and drew out two objects. “This, young man, is a map of Albion and the surrounding lands. That, of course, includes here as well, but only because I came here. This is the citadel, where I live and work. And here you will find Uther’s kingdom, Camelot, and your father’s kingdom, Uther Pendragon.” James gawked at the sight of the parchment spread out before him. “Now, these are your questions. Do you need help with anything else?”
James shook his head slightly. “Thank you.” He whispered. He picked up one of the pieces of paper and started reading. Merlin watched as he scanned the document.
The End.

chapter 2. major laughs the excitement of hype!
“Hello again. Are you ready for another adventure?”
James stared at the small woman standing in front of him, her smile was warm and welcoming. She had brown hair styled in a bun and bright hazel eyes framed with dark lashes. Her outfit consisted of blue jeans, boots

"Oh, that?" The lady said dismissively. "That was only fun to try out." She giggled. "We've seen how much you enjoy your stories, we just wanted to give you a little challenge today."

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!, it's not a little! it's ALOT AND HUGE! just crazy! it's going make me depressed!" said James angrily as he shouted .
"Please?" The lady pouted at him. "If you do this quest, you get extra points for completing it."
"I don't need extra points. You're wasting my precious minutes!"  

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" James yelled angerly charging his ki which burst upwards in a aura which raged .
"Alright!" The lady raised her hands defensively. "Don't blame me if you die." She muttered.
‘BAD TIMES ARE HAPPENING.’ the narrator said. 'THINGS HAVE CHANGED' James glanced nervously towards the narrator. "
James closed his eyes tight and tried to focus on clearing his mind and thoughts before he faced the lady in front of him.
Suddenly, a large amount of wind erupted from his body knocking the lady backward. James looked down to see that his robe was flapping in the wind.
He blinked and turned toward the narrator. "kaaaaaaaaaameeeeeeeeeeee
haaaaaaaaaaameeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa!" James shouted as he fired a Kamehameha at the narrator . Suddenly an explosion erupted from the ground which sent the narrator flying several yards back as the ground trembled.
"BOOOOOM" James yelled happily as he pumped his fist into the air.
"Oh no! You've really done it now, haven't you?!" The narrator cried in pain as he flew backward further and further into the forest.
James laughed in delight. "Oh yeah, that was awesome!" He exclaimed as he jumped around. "Let's do it again!"
The narrator suddenly exploded upward in a bright light that caused James to shield his eyes. When the light faded away the narrator fell back to the ground limping slightly.
"Well? How does it feel? Am I still awesome?" James said smugly.
The narrator scowled before turning to glare at James. "You'rre definitely still awesome, but next time maybe warn a guy before doing something like that!"
"'Next time?'" James repeated.
"Yeah," the narrator replied, still glaring at James. "Next time let a guy know when you're going to explode him!"
"Okay," James said sheepishly. "BOOOOOM" James yelled surprising the narrator and causing him to fly even higher into the sky.
"Alright, enough!" the narrator yelled irritably. "Just stop exploding people and come back!"
"Ok." James said reluctantly, returning his ki. He hopped off the tree trunk and made his way back to the castle. He walked through the corridors feeling very pleased with himself. then suddenly James did transportation jutsu back to branch and said "BOOOOOOM!"
"WHAT THE HELL!?" Arthur cried jumping up and running out of his chambers. "What happened here!? Get that idiot outta my kingdom! Get him out of here! Now!"
"What happened Arthur?" James asked innocently.
Arthur glared. "I was sleeping and a loud noise woke me up. What did you do?"
James frowned in confusion.
"It doesn't matter!"
"Are you alright, sire?" A servant asked worriedly.
Arthur looked over to see the servant who had asked if he was alright. "No, I'm fine. Go back to bed."
"As you command, my lord."

"as you command my lord I shall explode some more!" said James laughly .
"James!" Arthur growled angrily.
James laughed evilly. "I would love to see your face when I blast you into next week! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"
"Enough!" Arthur screamed, lunging forward towards the laughing boy only to be thrown across the room by an invisible force.

once again James said "BOOOOOOOOOOOM" causing the entire kingdom to erupt in chaos once more as the entire castle shook violently.

"Stop it!" Arthur yelled as he stood in front of James protectively.
"BAAAAAAAMMMM!!!!" James yelled, blasting Arthur with his ki.
"GOD DAMN IT!" Arthur roared  angrily as he charged his ki and blasted James back.
"I don't understand. What are these powers?" Merlin said slowly as he examined the strange phenomenon taking place before him.
"They are called ki," Gaius said, glancing between the two.
"Ki?" Merlin echoed confused.
"It means Energy or Power. They are not magic but rather a form of energy which manifests itself as powerful ki. They can also affect the physical plane." Gaius explained.
Merlin stared in fascination at the scene before him for a few moments before looking back to the Gaius. "Why is it happening?"
"it is also called chi"  
"Cchi?" Merlin repeated confused.
Gaius sighed, exasperated. "I'll explain in simpler terms for you. Chi is the spiritual energy which makes up our bodies. The physical body is simply our skin, organs and bones. The Chi energy can either affect us physically (though that is not uncommon) or mentally.

eastern Asians used chi/ki for their shinobi"
"So why are you using these powers for entertainment?" Merlin asked suspiciously.
"We use them for the same reason you are using them: we fight evil." Said Gaius simply.
"But that's ridiculous!"
"Not if it gets your point across."
then James Sat down on the floor and floated upwards as he hummed  to himself loudly.
Gaius raised an eyebrow. “Really? You want to continue the story?”
“Yeah” James shrugged before sitting back down. He folded his legs underneath him and placed his hands behind his neck. “Continue.”
The author grinned. So he did.
"BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!" He shouted as the Ki burst forth and blasted his opponent back.
"OKAY ENOUGH!!" Arthur yelled angrily.
James stopped his ki and smiled smugly at the man before him. "You look terrible."
Arthur glared at him. "And you seem awfully cheerful this morning."
James rolled his eyes and ignored the comment. He took a step forward towards the narrator, who was currently on the other side of the screen. "So what happens next?"
the narrator looked taken aback by James sudden change of behavior. "Um... well, you have to finish the quest, defeat the giant spider, retrieve some treasure then return home with all your prizes."
"Wait a minute," Merlin said thoughtfully. "You mean all this traveling and fighting and killing monsters is supposed to give me one measly prize? That's it?".
"Yep. And the rest is history." The narrator nodded before disappearing with a pop.

"that's it!" James shouted pointing towards the narrator "fire work rocket!" James yelled shooting it at the narrator. He quickly moved out of the way just as the explosion went off harmlessly above his head and landed in a bush behind him. "Ha ha, yes!" He cheered as he spun around in circles. "I AM AWESOME!"
 He screamed in glee.
"James..." Merlin groaned in disbelief.
"What?" said James, confused.
" didn't even do any damage!" said Merlin. "That was completely pointless. The last time I checked, it wasn't a contest of strength, and you shouldn'T make jokes about winning."
"Hey! What's wrong with that?" James asked offended.
Merlin sighed annoyed as he shook his head. "It isn't funny. Just because they say you aren't allowed to hurt anyone doesn't mean you can start destroying things."
"that's it! time for my ultimate attack!" James said  excitedly. He summoned a spear shaped ki ball before throwing it at a tree nearby.
A second later it exploded sending a shower of debris everywhere. "Hahaha, perfect!" James shouted as he continued his victory dance.
"You destroyed everything" Merlin pointed out.
"Yes, but look how many trees survived! It doesn't count!" James replied cheerfully.
Merlin shook his head exasperated before saying "I guess it doesn't matter anymore. The whole story has been ruined."
"What do you mean?" James asked confused.
"This stupid game will never get anything else accomplished." Merlin muttered. "I'm sorry that it didn' work out for us."
James frowned disappointedly. He then turned toward the screen and said "Thanks, BOOOOOM!" Before disappearing in a flash of light.
"Well, this game is over then." Said Arthur as he closed the book calmly.


 it was a wonderful story in the world of joy.

(05-10-2022, 11:55 AM)Marlene Wrote: arthur > james

Did you like my story? If so I can post pictures of the blooper parts and speicals

Hello David,
I think you would do great as a narrator for one of the gamemaker's events.
I'm sure they'll reach out to you if you're showing interest.
Keep it up!
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(05-11-2022, 12:39 AM)david Wrote:
(05-10-2022, 11:55 AM)Marlene Wrote: arthur > james

Did you like my story? If so I can post pictures of the blooper parts and speicals

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(05-11-2022, 02:25 PM)Marlene Wrote:
(05-11-2022, 12:39 AM)david Wrote:
(05-10-2022, 11:55 AM)Marlene Wrote: arthur > james

Did you like my story? If so I can post pictures of the blooper parts and speicals



there is still many more bonus parts I've saved, I will upload the rest when I can.



here is some new additions


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