my hogwarts story collaboration with dreamily ai

this could be turned into a meme! and said in server as jokes, it would be crack up
anyways this is the last special, I hoped you liked it!

here is some of the story continued from where i left off

thats all i have, i hope you enjoyed all the parts n stuff, one day I will make a new story, or maybe someone could come up with ideas i could add.

hiya i will be uploading book 2 soon, stay tuned! oh btw some reason the images are broken on pc, they wont show??? unless???

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book 2: James continues his fun, peace and enjoyment.

chapter 1.

"haaaa another good day!" said as James woke up
 happily. "Today will be a great day; today I'll be able to help the people, and they won't have to worry about having anything to eat." James said confidently.
"That's the spirit, buddy!" James said enthusiastically.
He glanced down at the journal in his lap. Suddenly he paused and sat up slightly alarmed.
'oh no.' He thought frowning. 'oh no, oh no, oh no. No, not now. Not today. Today isn't a good day. We have been training since the morning. We've got to practice. We need to be better!'
"I need to go train." James said sadly. " he charged up ki in one fist and thrust it forwards  causing small explosions of ki all around him causing the entire room to shake and crumble around him. He shot his other fist forward creating smaller explosions in the air before turning around and leaping out of the window. "I'll see you soon, everyone!" James said flying off into the distance.
He had gone far away from Camelot.
"Come, come, come... I can smell the prey approaching." Grettir croaked as he followed the path along the forested mountain top. His dark blue fur glistened wetly in the sunlight, as though it was glowing.
"Grettir, come. We must hurry and take him before he escapes!" Glamor exclaimed.
Grettir growled lowly before turning and racing after the two humans.
"Oh no." Arthur breathed as he ran through the woods in full speed.
"We're surrounded!" Lancelot cried out as he and Guinevere chased Arthur.
Arthur suddenly stopped as Lancelot crashed into his shoulder. "Get down!" Arthur commanded
Lancelot did so, crawling under the nearest bush while holding onto the hilt of Excalibur tightly. As his eyes adjusted to the dark, Arthur could just barely make out the silhouette of a person standing in front of him.
Arthur slowly stood up, keeping his blade firmly in front of him. "Who are you?" Arthur asked
"I am the master of this forest, young boy." A deep voice said. Arthur immediately recognised the voice as Gwaine's.
"Then tell me, Master. Why are you attacking us?"
"Because you seek to destroy me"
"Destroy you? You must be mistaken." Arthur scoffed.
"Don't underestimate me. I know of the power within you, you will bring death to me, whether you choose to or not."
"I don't believe you." Arthur said defiantly. "Your kind do not exist."
"Your ignorance is quite refreshing, but alas I fear it will cost you dearly".
Suddenly there was a loud snap, like an explosion. Everyone in the group gasped as the sound reverberated throughout the area causing the ground beneath them to tremble as the earth began to shake violently.
then suddenly James started glowing with golden light multi colored gem stones surrounded him as he floated upwards a bit .
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Gwen yelled panicking.
"James!" Arthur shouted.
"NO! Stay back! Don't let him near you!" James warned as he flew up higher in the air until he reached where the giant spider was located at.
"I don't think you understand." The giant spider stated venomously as she stepped closer to them. Her large fangs glistening red in the sun and her yellow eyes staring straight into their souls. "My only weakness is a single weak human... one that cannot protect itself." She snarled in anger. "You can run. But once you are dead you cannot escape!"
she lunged forward, claws extended, ready to tear them apart.
Chapter 2
the world around him flashed in gold and orange light and James found himself floating inside a huge cage. The cage itself was made of golden light, with different colors reflecting off it.
"Hello?" said James cautiously. "Are you... are you really the master of this forest?" James questioned as he peered through the bars.
"No. This is merely a temporary form I use in order to protect myself, and the forest." Said the voice from inside the cage.
James grinned in triumph. Finally, someone would understand him. "Great! I just need a place to hide here for a little while and you can kill me. That should solve all our problems!" he laughed happily.
James fired a small light of energy as he said"expecto patronum!"  The magic emitted from his fingers and surrounded James in a golden light.
"The patronus! There must still be a way out! How dare a mortal threaten me!" Said the voice angrily and James could swear that it sounded... sad?
The cage shook violently, suddenly James moved swiftly with Tai chi and caused alot of light energy lines to wave and spring and twirl like a dance.  James watched in amazement as a golden light erupted from where he stood. It was a beautiful sight. After a moment, the energy dissipated leaving a small opening in the cage.
James smiled as he opened the cage door to reveal the giant spider. She took a step back looking stunned as James emerged from the cage.
" hmmmm how do I protect my self from damage so I can use my love energy?"  James asked  curiously as he raised his hands in the air. Then he snapped his fingers and suddenly a bright green light emanated from them causing an immense amount of energy to burst through the walls of the cage. The walls were blown apart by the force of the energy as the massive spider tumbled to the floor.
James smirked before running towards the spider who was struggling to rise. "Ahhh, it hurts so much," the spider groaned painfully.   
James ignored the spider and instead focused on what he needed to do next. He closed his hands.
"Expecto patronum!" he shouted, the light surrounding him grew and intensified.
"AAAHHHHH!" the spider screamed as its body became engulfed in light causing it to explode. It's remains dropped and shattered to pieces.
James felt elated after defeating the giant creature which was now nothing more than dust, leaving only the bones of the spider left.
"I did it" James whispered excitedly as he looked at his hand. A bright green light emitted from his palm and covered it completely, making James look like his skin was coated with a green glow. Then the glow began fading away until it disappeared completely leaving behind a black crystal.
James stared intently at the crystallized green light. "Why does it feel so familiar? Is this..." he trailed off. "Is this my magic?" he whispered in awe. He gently placed the crystal against his chest, feeling its warm, gentle heat through his clothes.
"How is that possible? When Merlin tried to find the spell for my magic to manifest, it never worked. I never even had a chance to try again. And why do I feel so... powerful?" said James aloud in surprise.
"I wonder if I could turn this power into something else. Something that can actually help my father?" James went to Merlin to ask some questions " hey Merlin, I'm having a hard time trying to protect myself for love making"
"Well, I don't know about your lovemaking magic being able to hurt her or any other creature, but maybe it's because she is already hurting herself when she's with you." said a cheerful voice from behind him. James turned around and saw Professor McGonagall.
"Ok well I feel unwell when I try to do it, I need a way to fix this, so I can enjoy it" James said pleadingly.
"Hmm I suppose we could use a potion to help prevent that pain from returning, you'd just need to eat another plant to regain control. However, this would require a great deal of money. Do you want to pay for it yourself? If yes then we could get you ingredients to brew the potion. "What are the ingredients?" said James
"First of all we need a plant called Amaranth, it comes from Peru, they used to use it in medicine to treat a variety of diseases, including heart disease, cancer, schizophrenia, depression and many others. Its root has long been known to be incredibly useful. Secondly we will need a flower called Chrysanthemum."
James blinked. "A flower that smells like candyfloss. Sounds fun!" he laughed.
McGonagall sighed. "There's also the fact that it's very expensive, especially for someone of your class."

"what's next?" James asked.
McGonagall paused and looked thoughtful. "Well if I remember correctly, there's a flower named Pansy, it came from England and it has been around since the start of human history. It comes from a tree in the woods outside of Hogwarts called Larkspur. "
James nodded in excitement. "Alright so that's three."
"And the last ingredient"  McGonagall continued "is a flower called Violetsphere, it blooms every spring on the first day of spring."
"Ok so flowers, plants, and potions; perfect! Thank you so much professor!" James exclaimed happily as he jumped up and ran away.

James was bored, he didn't know what he should do, he thought to himself that there needed change, something that would move things along.  So he decided that he would go back to Camelot, perhaps he could make an impression, make people listen to him. Perhaps he could become famous or something.
He had no idea what he was going to say when he got there but he knew exactly what he was going to say. He was determined to prove himself to the king. He wasn't interested in politics. He wasn't interested in ruling the kingdom. He wanted freedom. Freedom of mind, freedom to express feelings and thoughts without judgment, the ability to love freely and unconditionally, a place where he could be just James. No titles, no responsibilities, and most importantly no fear.
That' s what he had to change. All that talk about equality, equality of men, equals for everyone. That's not right. If everyone could have that, then there wouldn't be a problem. There couldn't be a problem with love.
It was time to bring love back to the kingdom. To the whole world.
"I wish I knew what I should do" said James, he pulled out a crystal mirror and it shinned in the sun , the reflection of the sky above the castle shone brightly. "Perhaps I should give some orders to the knights? Or even the King?" He wondered.
"I can't just let the Knights be punished though" he murmured as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully. Suddenly he snapped his finger, "Maybe that's what Merlin always does! I mean Merlin has been around longer than anyone I've ever met so maybe he knows exactly what to do!"
"Hmm.. what would Merlin be doing right now?" asked James as he tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Oh!" A smile lit up his face. "I know what I have to do."

then James said" knights of hogwarts I order you to fart!"
A loud farting noise reverberated throughout the courtyard, followed immediately by the sound of multiple knights screaming.
"Sir James!" one knight cried in dismay.
"Sir James, how can you even command us to fart?" said another knight in disbelief.
"Oh, come on guys! Don' you know better?" James grinned widely.
"Yes Sir James!" several voices cried in unison as they all started sniggering.
James smiled widely. "Now get to work" he ordered cheerily. His knights saluted and left quickly.
Suddenly two knights rushed forward and kneeled before him. One of them said quietly, "We heard that you had an assignment for us, Sir James, Sir." The other knight added quietly "Please tell us sir."
James frowned slightly. "Well uh yeah that's actually kind of important but you gotta promise not to laugh. Or else it won't work"
Both knights nodded seriously.
"Alright um," James paused looking nervous. "You see... um... the thing is..." he cleared his throat. "The thing is.... the thing is that... um... my mission is... erm... it... um..." James stuttered as sweat began forming on his forehead.
Just then Arthur stepped forward holding a large map with the word 'Hogsmeade' scribbled on it. "that's perfect we will destroy hogsmeade! and rebuild it in the appropriate way!" said James "I order the knights to go on a fart attack!" said James  enthusiastically as he pointed down the road "Hogsmeades!, destroy everything in sight!"  so then the knights started attacking hogsmeade, one wall exploded, another knight was thrown across the field as another knight was knocked backwards.
Arthur walked over to James and patted him on the shoulder. "Perfect, thank you so much Sir James. Now how about we go have some lunch, I think we deserve it after that little exercise" Arthur grinned widely.
"Yeah sure" James replied.

James fired a ballistic fire plasma ball at Arthur  who dodged it expertly, sending it flying towards the knights who were still busy demolishing the hogsmeade.
James then fired the fireball at the rest of the knights who were trying to run away while laughing hysterically. The knights ran into the walls of the castle screaming as they fell unconscious to the ground. James said" Misson complete!"
After the castle was destroyed, Arthur ordered everyone out of the building and began to clean it up as James watched with amusement. When all the mess was cleaned up, Arthur stood up and smiled proudly at James.
"You did it! My beautiful friend!" he cheered, giving James a hearty hug.
"Thanks Arthur. You too." he replied.
They both sat down enjoying their lunches, James told Arthur about how he found out about the secret entrance to the castle. Arthur was delighted to hear about this and congratulated him upon discovering that hidden passage. The two continued talking until the lunch hour was almost over.

"Let's go to the the dojo!" said James "I am going to test my new ideas out for powers"
They went to the dojo and James taught Arthur some sword fighting techniques. Then he proceeded to teach him how to cast spells. "This spell can knock anyone unconscious, and this one can create an army of knights!" he explained to Arthur.
They spent all afternoon and night playing magic tricks on each other.

"Let's see what this does!" James said as he fired a gravity pulsing phaser energy plasma ball at the ground  below Arthur.
Arthur was standing beside a dummy on the floor as the energy beam hit it and instantly it disintegrated into tiny particles which began moving upwards in the air slowly.
Then the blast dissipated and there were only small dust bunnies floating in the air.
Arthur smirked smugly.
"Good job Potter". He said smugly
"Thanks" said James. "Come here" he said as he threw a handful of powder onto the ground. The dust began to gather into a giant cloud of powder. Then a few seconds later it exploded.
"Hey, hey, hey!" Said Arthur. "That was pretty good!" he said excitedly.
"What else do you want me to do? Make sand castles? Throw confetti? I'm tired. I just want to sleep"
Suddenly Arthur turned serious and looked James straight in the eye.
"Sir James" he said seriously.
"Yes?" said James as he waited nervously for what Arthur had to say.
"You need to keep yourself safe." he said firmly.
"Why?" said James confused. "Isn't it what we are supposed to do? Protect our people?"
"Yes, yes of course. But we don't all have to be warriors. We can be scholars, scientists, artists, musicians, writers, poets, philosophers, and many more things. And you need to protect those things."
"But why?" asked James. "If I'm protecting them, then why can't I protect myself?"
"Because you're young, and you're inexperienced. I understand why you feel like you must protect your friends and family, but sometimes you need to put yourself in danger to do so. It isn't worth it if you're going to get hurt. Besides if you try to fight in battles, you'll most likely die. And that's something I can never forgive, especially when it hurts others."

then James said" okay let me have a look at something" then James opened his book of spells and took out a couple of books from inside.
"These are my best ones. You have my word that these books will be used only against monsters and evil enemies, and that none of these spells will harm others unless I say so."
then James said" Ok book show me a list of creative spells" the spells were:

1.  energy block  spell
2.  anti shrinking charm
3.  healing potion
4.  shield enchantment
5.  defensive talismans
6.  lightening spell
7.  darkening spell
8.  freezing spell
9.  invisibility cloak
10.  levitate charm
11.  mind reading charm
12.  illusion spell
13.  water vapor charm
14.  mind altering charm
15.  invisibility cloak
16.  spell of protection
17.  teleportation spell
18.  jelly goo
19.  protective charm
20.  darkness spell

then he looked at a list of mechanical tools

they were:

1.   wand
2.  magic staff
3.  armor plate
4.  shield
5.  weapon of choice
Then he looked at a list of magical items
There was a silver bracelet with an emerald stone for eyes. It was made of metal, yet it seemed to glow with power and radiate warmth.there was also a golden ring with a diamond encrusted on top. Its shape reminded James of an owl. There was also a silver chain with a crystal pendant. It appeared to be made of pure gold. The necklace's clasp was fashioned out of some type of gemstones.
the rings were all extremely delicate and exquisite. Some were made out of solid jewels while others were carved from precious metals. It was obvious to James that all of these objects cost thousands of galleons or more, and that no average person could afford to buy anything like that. Yet they all were expensive nonetheless.
he thought.
Finally James took out the black cloak he wore.
It was a very large, long, silky black cloak that flowed behind him in the wind. Its hood covered his face completely, leaving only his bright green eyes visible through the holes at the back of the hood.
The cloak was lined with white fur which formed the shape of a fox' head. The tail was black and white, the paws also were black and white, except the tip of its tail which was red. The fox' ears were also decorated with white fur.
James turned around, revealing that he was wearing a full set of enchanted armor. The chest piece, arms, legs, waist, torso, and helmet all appeared to be formed out of gold. On his back he wore a pair of dark green leather pants tucked into boots.
His gloves were also a dark blue that matched his cloak's color and fit snugly around his body. His belt was filled with a variety of knives, forks, spoons, mugs, and other household implements which would be needed throughout his adventures.
James turned around showing off his equipment.
Arthur couldn't believe his eyes.
"Wow! Where in Merlin's beard did you find this?!" he exclaimed.
" know how I got into school..." said James hesitantly
Arthur nodded as if understanding what James was trying to tell him.
"Alright, so I got into Slytherin by pretending to be your cousin..."
He trailed off nervously looking at the ground.
"Well, what I mean is, I knew that I was destined for Slytherin house because of my I pretended to be your brother...and well... I ended up in Gryffindor. "

afterwards James fell asleep after eating his double chocco chia seed drink.

"IT HAS 2000 MG OF OMEGA 3 IN IT!" he shouted  as he drank the whole cup in one sip.
Arthur then looked at him and shook his head "I think you've had enough James. Let's go home and we can talk about this tomorrow." he said sternly, as he grabbed James by his shoulders and started to drag him towards the door.
"Wait Arthur! I haven'y finished it!" James shouted excitedly as he grabbed another half cup of OmEGA 3.
"What else do you want? A second glass?!" said Arthur exasperatedly as he continued dragging James away.
Later that day they both woke up late and had to rush to the great hall. They walked together until they arrived at their table, sat next to each other and began eating their breakfast. Once finished, they were joined by Lily, Arthur, and Morgana who looked a bit sleepy. James yawned loudly as he rubbed his eyes. After taking a quick shower, James headed straight to the library to start studying.
James found himself deep in concentration in his studies as he studied different types of magical theory using magical words from different worlds. He had read a lot of information related to wizardry. He felt like a scholar as he read books, studied, and solved problems without losing focus even once in between all of his readings.

End of chapter 2.

I hoped you enjoyed book 2, I will be posting bonus parts soon.

Stay tuned!

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