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I have spent the last few days observing, and from what I can tell I truly believe you'd make an excellent addition to the staff team. 
 I don't give a shit who you're friends with or who you hangout with, you are entirely your own person.  
I don't give a shit what you did or didn't do two months ago I'm basing this on here and now.
That idea that people have of  "oh your friends are assholes and you probably are too" is retarded we have to get out of that mindset its idiotic.  
You are knowledgeable and incredibly helpful to others around you including the current temp staff who ask you for advice. 

Its a +1 from me
I wish you good luck

I do not know you to well, but you do teach and put in effort to be active on the server so i'll +1

Congratulations, you've been accepted as trial moderator! I'll speak to you soon with your feedback.

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