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I understand that Guy is aiming towards a more unique server and game mode. Galaxy of Magic represents a whole field of possibilities allowing the server to have a lot of variety of content. However, I believe that it would be more beneficial to be in the Magic RP game mode over our own one, and I'll explain why.

Being under the game mode Magic RP will bring people. One of the first thoughts, when reading "Magic RP", is the same as our previous game mode. It makes people curious and it creates expectations. It's heavily populated by a massive Spanish server, making the game mode more active and on top of the GMod game mode's list. Being the first English server on it would be great. People are and will always be more tempted to click on a game mode named "Magic RP" rather than "Galaxy of Magic". It's a huge generalization for the different wizarding worlds and games that exist, which is also something that SBS is known for in the GMod community.
Magic RP is just straightforward on what it holds, and Galaxy of Magic doesn't really do the same. It wouldn't specifically hurt the server's concept in any shape or form. You can 100% move it onto the game mode and still run under the name "[SBS] Galaxy of Magic".
Being a game mode for a singular server, the lower our server population is the lower the game mode will be in the GMod game mode list. This starts a domino effect where people notice the lack of engagement in that specific game mode making it unappealing. This makes it so that there's no sort of interest in it. It's the most common train of thought.

Pretty much: Low Pop > Low on the Gamemode List > Less new players to join > Dead server

I don't think we should overcomplicate things way too much in order to have a nice functioning server. People don't like big changes. It intimidates players that never played before and have no clue what to expect. You can apply this to the new spell names as well, which I'm glad are being changed to something more simple and direct.

Please reply with your thoughts about this. This is something I've discussed with a lot of other community members and some staff, and the feeling is usually mutual.


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It's a very logical take and I see how it would definitely benefit the server.
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