see you again :)

Hi there, I'm Ren Aira or maybe some people knew me as Damien Piri. I'm sure most(?) users that are reading this literally had no idea who I am and must be like "who tf is this lmao" well nice to meet you even if its too late(?). I started back in November 2016 and took a break in October 2017 (went through 7 stage of grief), came again in late March 2022.

Some people asked me, "why do you choose Ren as your name?". Well, I just love Ren Aira (dew jirawat) from F4 Thailand and he inspires me to become a better person than how I used to be (yes he's cool).

The purpose of this post (idk man i look dumb) is that I want to say thank you to those who became my friends and the users who knew me throughout my time in SBS. I enjoy the game session a lot because of you guys, I really love it. Second, I'd like to say sorry to those who I might had beef with (if you mention 100 gecs to me im sorry bro) maybe I free-spelled some users (apologize).

I finally found the life that I'm supposed to live. I really have no idea if I'll be back, I wish I'll be back sometime next year after graduation but as usual, I have goals in life to achieve. So, if tonight (28 July 2022, 1.15 AM GMT+8) is my last time playing, I hope you guys find the life that you want to live. Good or bad decisions, you're gonna thank yourself for those decisions that turn your life 180 (not 360 cause you'd just go back lmao).

To every staff, I appreciate every effort you guys make. The Governatores, I will remember every event that you guys made because yall are my fav gamemaker (governatores event time???). Honorable mention, thanks to Erin for the cool skies and thank to Yaycob for the seats at the stairs RP.

To every users, thank you for coming here to read this farewell and playing with me in the server, I loved every moment even if its bad.

Its okay to fail, its okay to make mistakes, even to compile a code succesfully, you have to go through thousands of errors (its the flashback for me). You don't have to be successful, enough to live your life to the fullest (doesn't mean you have to give up, if u do i come find u ah then smack you haiya). Don't rush it everything.

This is not goodbye, simply see you again. You can always contact me through Discord or Steam (its on my profile). Hopefully I come back later as the same Ren.

Until then,
Ren (Amirah).

edit- i can't f**king read
เร็น | R E N |

"three hours, three months away. going back, but not the same."

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(07-27-2022, 02:14 PM)Justin Amendish Wrote: who   ..

เร็น | R E N |

"three hours, three months away. going back, but not the same."

T H O T H  P R I D E
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This is very sweet,

Take care! 
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