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I'd like to air out my thoughts on the new spells that were added in the latest update.

Deafen - Very nice, long time coming. Attractive to trolls.

Scrub-A-Dub - Another long time coming, I just wish it worked on the world but that's probably not possible.

Shank - This one feels like it pitches Blade Frenzy at its throat as the two are essentially the same, 1 just does the damage in 1 hit. The cooldown feels a little long but makes a bit of sense in comparison to Blade Frenzy. 

Vengeance - I enjoy this spell, I find it really funny. It is entirely understandable though that people don't enjoy it in the context of Lockdowns or fighting at some kind of Quidditch Pitch, if the server sticks with an NLR timer of 200 seconds, 1 could simply keep using Vengeance and keep returning and get shot with Abracadabra and come to a draw with no skill involved. It could use some sort of cooldown increase or a way to stop Abracadabra and Obliterate resulting in 1 shots reflected back at the caster, but I think this would make the spell quite a bit more redundant. 
EDIT: I've been informed that the cooldown starts when you cast the spell, and I think it would be much more beneficial to have the cooldown start AFTER the vengeance is used up, to limit abuse and constant use and reliance on a spell that requires little to no skill to use.

Vengeance Other - I'm yet to unlock this spell, but I can't help but imagine a bunch of Low Acuitys and someone with this spell giving it all to them, then charging out onto the battlefield during a lockdown and dying with grace. This is on my bucket list.

Amnesia - It's ok I guess, a little underwhelming especially due to spellbinds and just being able to reselect the spell you had with ease.

Batchoo - Cool to get an Avian Conjure spell that works on other players.

Divinate - I find this spell really interesting to use sometimes, as every one has a different spell that was last used on them, really nice.

Spellepathy - This spell is a cool concept and I like it for that, but it does not show the last spell casted, it only shows the spell the player has selected, rendering its entire purpose (e.g: Prefect checks student to see they aren't freespelling, student in question can just equip a different spell.) useless.

Enfeeble II - Ignoring Enfeeble I as it's just the same but lesser, this spell feels very redundant, as 10% feels like quite a low amount (Only lowering Viridio to 18 damage instead of 20, and Supernova to 45), should be buffed to maybe 25% instead.

Malfundo II - In a similar sense to Enfeeble, I think a higher percent would make this more viable to use on people, as 10% is quite a low amount. However I do like the introduction of the fizzle element to spell casting.

Vulnerability II - Same as above weakening spells.

Would love to hear what others have to say about the spells and if you agree or disagree with what I've put out here.
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I think vengeance is actually a really cool spell and a nice way to stop with the "1 shot spell" meta. It's pretty simple to disable, all u need to do is just shoot a spell (like the 20 hp spell) to disarm it, and then you can actually use the "1 shot spell". Plus, it's a funny way to get RDMers killed :) Its cooldown is pretty decent, it's long enough to avoid the overuse of it during fights and it completely changes combat mechanics, something that has been the same for the past 6 years.
A big negative I can see from it actually is that during events, people can use the spell to counter the damage that a certain entity may inflict on them. For example, if you have the Void Overlord attacking the school with the 1 shot spell, others that get hit by it with Vengeance casted will get the event character killed. Gamemakers would have to ask people to not only stop using 1 shot spells during events but Vengeance as well.


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I hated vengeance when it first showed up. But the counters are there and you are correct it does make for some interesting dynamic changes. I probably wouldn't allow it in sanctioned pvp stuff but I can at least respect it now.
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the cooldowns for veng are so long that the argument for "REEE I died to my one shot" isn't really to valid in my eyes. even if you have someone with veng other helping their side it's still not that major, and as ryte says there's counter-plays. just tag once with a quick low damage spell if it bothers you that much. ANY damage aside from recoil or veng will pop veng... even slappers pops it if done right
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