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(08-22-2022, 05:39 AM)Etlenor Wrote: Most experienced applicant so far. I love how detailed and understanding each situation you listed is.

I definitely agree with the feedback that the staff team gave you in the past regarding how distant you seemed from the rest of the team. You knew them, and they knew you, but you just weren't around. Something I learned while I was on the team was how important and beneficial it was to be integrated, and I didn't see much of you in the staff chat specifically which was not very epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apart from this, I believe you're a very suitable candidate, and I think someone of your character and how you express your thoughts openly about anything is really nice. I know you've been looking for a super admin position for a long time, and I really think this might be the time.

Neutral to +1. Good luck<3

A lot of what Etlenor has mentioned is/was true, during the last few weeks of my time as staff Gene did improve communicating with the staff members and trying to be more involved which was really nice to see!
One thing I remember thinking is that I rarely saw you attend meetings, as staff manager you're expected to participate in as many meetings as possible, especially if there are applicants to be discussed. Now maybe it's because I couldn't attend Saturday meetings, i think you went to the last one but I'm not sure about others? I am curious as to why you didn't go to that many meetings? Or did I just always miss you?? I'm not sure >.<

Other then that I think you're super capable of being a manager.

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This position has been filled by another applicant. Thank you for applying!

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