Ariel Lionheart's Staff Manager Application

(09-15-2022, 07:09 PM)Chris Kim Wrote:
Pierre, who was a phenomenal manager, didn't play on the server a whole lot 

 i check the forums for the first time and this is what i see?

+1 Zariel

I agree with Chris, Ariel is a great fit for staff manager and is honestly my top pick.
 And if bias were to occur since some people are worried about that, it would be handled appropriately. Many staff have had to discipline close friends or partners on the server so it would work the same way.
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HUGE +1 

Ariel in my opinion is the probably the best fit for the role, she has the relationship with the current staff already, and honestly haven't heard a bad thing
come from any of there mouths, she has the patience to deal with issues and is VERY approachable!!!

I don't know why LOA is even being brought up in this, majority of the applicants who applied haven't been on the server currently all that much, or they started playing regularly because of there Application, As Chris stated doesn't matter if they are active on the server that much they deal with the internal issues..... Ariel just has a balanced life she doesn't need to be on the server 24/7 like other players, she indeed knows how to "take time to touch grass and see the world" 


I’m just kinda mirroring everything that’s been stated; though I completely agree with Chris’s points. Ariel is a longtime player, with tons of experience; activity has been known to be an issue, however I feel like this position would suit her better as opposed to an admin position if she is worried about her activity. Typically staff managers aren’t nearly as active (in my experience), which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. She has the ability to lead a team, and enforce activity upon other staff members; previous staff managers have had extremely positive impacts on the team without being consistently active, and I feel that is our best option on a dying server.

I do however agree that you should attempt to increase your activity, which you have stated your work schedule will be levelling out so I don’t see this as a major issue. 

Overall I think Ariel would be a safe pick. She is approachable, knowledgeable, and has the right attitude that I think could impact the staff team greatly. (And I’ve known Ariel and Ryte well enough to know that she could easily put him in place if need be.) 

Definitely one of my top 2 picks for this position, good luck <3

Application accepted. Congratulations! :)

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