Mystery of the Monoliths

Mystery of the Monoliths

Occasionally, you might see a lot of odd towers spike up across the one knows what these monoliths are for, but soon, we might just find out.


Analysis of the electromagnetic pulses dictate that these monoliths are emitting a where? Who knows..

Now luckily, we have an expert scientist visiting Starbright, who, in the case that defence is needed, has constructed multiple Weaponized Spacecrafts.


This is a unifying call to arms to defend against whatever is on it’s way here, meaning any rogues or neutrals must also join in a collective fight against the possible enemy.

Sources dictate this signal is bringing something to us, and will arrive in approximately 5 days on the 5th of October 2022, at 5PM CST.

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Event Concluded, 

The incoming aliens were defeated and ultimately fled the scene, we were able to capture 1 alien and interrogate it, before it escaped and we had to murder it, never trust Aliens!!
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Hope the event went well!

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