Galaxy of Magic Bulletins October 2nd, 2022

Galaxy of Magic Bulletins
October 2nd, 2022

Staff News

Gwen, Ryte, Heinrich, Miro, and Satia are on LOA/Low Activity

Bella and Larissa are back from LOA/Low Activity

@@Bathilda has been accepted as trial moderator!  Congratulations Bathilda!

We are actively looking for staff (especially moderators)! If you or someone you know is interested in Moderator or Gamemaker we encourage you to apply!

To Apply for Moderator check here: 
To apply for Gamemaker check here:

If you have any questions about staff positions feel free to reach out to any staff member, we'd love to help!


Server News

@@Bҽʅʅα*:・゚✧ has an event coming up! Find out more about it here:


Rule Clarifications

None for this week!

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ur not actively looking for staff stop lying

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