Galaxy of Magic Bulletins 17th of October 2022

Galaxy of Magic Bulletins
17th October 2022

Staff News

Gwen, Ryte, Heinrich, Gina and Satia are on LOA/Low Activity
Miro is back from LOA/Low Activity

@Bathilda has passed as a Trial Moderator! Congratulate her!

We are actively looking for staff (especially moderators)! If you or someone you know is interested in Moderator or Gamemaker we encourage you to apply!

To Apply for Moderator check here: 
To apply for Gamemaker check here:
If you have any questions about staff positions feel free to reach out to any staff member, we'd love to help!

Server News

The spooky vibes have come to Starbright! 
Hop on to have a chance at claiming a unique limited wand and enjoying the new halloween content!

See more here


Rule Clarifications

(Carried from last week)

*Levitate Other now reveals the Void when used.

*Students are now no longer required to be in class if there is no teacher. 

*If the server is over 30 pop and the classes are split, teachers are required to teach in their classrooms and stay in the class until 0 seconds, as usual. If the classes are below 30 pop and the classes have been combined into one, the teacher is allowed to teach in the mid-courtyard.

These rule changes are now reflected in the compendium.


Special and Useful Threads

There's an ongoing suggestion discussion here! Give your input!
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Congrats Bathilda! : )

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