The Halloween Slasher!

Happy Halloween everyone!

__Reading vibes__
A huge mysterious rusty iron cube has appeared outside of school walls! Four students have managed to get inside to explore but quickly find out that they are not alone!
They are being hunted and picked off one by one! How do they escape?
The survivors can leap over low walls and through windows to slow down the Killer, If they play smart they might be able to delay the killer enough to escape with their lives.
The Killer cannot jump, however he can move faster than the survivors can. The Killer will need to play smart in his own way to account for this.
The Killer must defend the exit gate. Once survivors have entered the safe zone they cannot be killed, however they cannot just walk on in...
The survivors must first open four magical barriers that are blocking their escape. To do this they much press each of the four hidden buttons around the map, once a button is pressed both the button and barrier will disappear. The survivors can only escape once all of the buttons have been pressed.
Do you think you can survive? 

Each round will ask for volunteers and the killer will be replaced by the survivor who was first to escape. If a survivor does not escape then the Killer may continue playing as the Killer role. Round change arounds take a bit of time so ensure you change your names to Survivor ________ or Killer ________ respectively so your stats can be changed and reset afterwards easily and without any confusion.

The event will take place at 7:00 PM CST on Saturday the 29th.

There are a few different killers to play as or go up against, they will remain as a surprise for now.

Event Concluded!
I hope everyone who attended had fun!
There will be more of these kind of events in the future.

Bella's event is still to pass so make sure to look at this thread.

Event concluded, thread lock please.

Event is concluded by Larissa!

Thread is closed.

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