Vote to Skip Classes

When the server had a larger population, VIPs benefited from the ability to get homework almost every class, since they had options on which class to attend.

I suggest that we allow VIPs to vote-to-skip classes so that they may get homework faster.

I think the voting system needs an entire overhaul, or have it in the menu where you have to press f3 to click on what you want to vote for, just like how the escapee has to use f3 to click on what hits they want to accept. 

I'm not sure how this would be implemented but new players want spells and if they keep having their classes skipped by higher levels and V.I.P's who just want homework then this would bring more bad than good and would need to be greatly considered before being added.

Otherwise +1

Amelius and I spoke about this yesterday a lot.

Honestly, I believe it would only be able to be done for non-mandatory, not the homework and spell classes. This would stop the skipping of classes needed by both high and low years. It would be okay to add a skip feature that brings up the skip menu for players. Such as !skipclass would initiate the same vote that GMs and admins can currently do. 

!skipclass > Pick between 1. Yes or 2. No > either skips or doesn't. 

The only other option would be to have it set to dual classes again, making it easier to pick and choose, and also gives more interest in those to get VIP to be able to pick and choose. It also gives more options for spells and homework. Rather than just one class all the time.
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