Speedway Event!

The Starbright Speedway!

__________Reading vibes__________

V8 engines, A dirty and short circuit track and full contact racing!

If you think you have what it takes, sign up before the event starts and your very own rusty armoured corvette will be placed on the starting line. The only rules on the track are to all go in the same direction, and survive. 

The race track itself is still under construction so no photos will be shown yet but the track will be dotted with deadly obstacles that even the armour on your car won't save you from. be careful and drive safe, but not too safe or you will lose! Push yourself to the front of the pack or else.
For the final race, the loser for each lap will be eliminated. Winner takes all. 

The winner will receive:
The chat tag Speedracer or Roadrunner.
An Open whitelist of their choosing or V.I.P.
1,000,000 gold.

The event will be taking place on Saturday the 5th at 7:00PM CST. 

Have fun and good luck out there!

There are spectator stands and a bridge that goes over the track for if you wish to safely spectate the race. No one is to interfere with the race physically in any way.
There will be more than one race so everyone will get a chance to get the hang of the controls.


Spoiler: How to drive.

Event concluded!

The winner was Bella who claimed the $1,000,000 and kindly gave away her other prizes to Ricky and Lexi!

Bella - 25
Ricky - 21
Rump - 9
Lexi - 8
Emmi - 7
Jimmy - 1

I hope you all had fun : )

Event Concluded, thread lock please.

Event concluded by Larissa! Thread is closed.

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