(11-29-2022, 11:19 AM)Walden Wrote:
(11-27-2022, 05:51 PM)Joey Wrote:
The forums have always been Lexa's way to have power, Lexa hasn't associated with the community in years, all she does is download mybb addons and fucks with them until they work. Mediocre work to make uneducated decisions that effect everyone. Lexa in my experience has always overstepped their position, whether it was mod in 2016 or forum dictator like now. Now, I don't know if this situation has more to it, because I would really like to see specifically what Etlenor was banned for, but I don't think we should be out here banning once loyal players of a dying community. I also think regardless of the situation, your Ban reasons should always be professional especially when you are as impersonable and detached as Lexa. Finally, I think you guys are morons for fully supporting this Hungarian knock off, that shit will never prosper, like its fun to go play around on it because it feels like SBS, but I think our goal should be to work with Guy to make this feel like SBS again. You need community input more then ever, and you still continue to sit on your little island and not take community input SBS is killing itself.

Bruh fr that aliexpress hogwarts rp is boring as shit
aliexpress? don't do aliexpress like that its more like kirkland brand
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(11-29-2022, 06:05 AM)Fridge Wrote: After taking the time for god knows what reason to read the whole post, and I also read moomoo's ban appeal ( auntie mia ) I genuinely believe that the entire staff team is currupt as fuck, and since nobody has responded to this report from the staff team just shows that they couldn't give a fuck, and that could be aired out all day but why bother.

If the staff and server managers / owner want the server to have a singular chance of coming back, I would Suggest a complete fresh reset, new staff new team new manager, and build a new server with the community's input.

As for lexa - I have never spoken to her or met her, clearly a waste of space and enjoys fourm power in her spare time clearly her Life is a state.

And for the guy, good luck with all this ? basically unsolvable at this point, however that is on you and its on you to try and fix it.

Ps. Fridge and Freezer here to please yah! Had fun fucking about with all the lads and lass's

miscommunication :) 


Allow me to correct my self and say higher staff members


I find it funny that when I comment on a thread that has something
to do with the subject, it gets removed. Hmmm.

Just keep killing what's left of this 'community'
with your 1942 forums and idiototic bans on the other sbs platforms. 
And Larry, you know there isn't going to be a reply...a legit one at least.
You're just gonna get gas lighted and a sarcatic reply, forum ban if you hurt
their feelings enough lmfao

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Admit it mia you miss me

(11-30-2022, 08:28 AM)WhoWho Wrote:

And Larry, you know there isn't going to be a reply...a legit one at least.
You're just gonna get gas lighted and a sarcatic reply, forum ban if you hurt
their feelings enough lmfao

I never expected a real response from this report in the first place I'm surprised this thread is still up.   

Haiku #3

SBS Dead Now
SBS Out of Hope Now 
We Got To Volt Now

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So, I just wanted to express my thoughts on this whole ordeal even though it doesn't even matter at this point.

So, Guy, with the way you're handling all of this and not bothering to even make a short comment acknowledging this thread is really disheartening (Also looking at you, Lexa). Your community is not only hurt but pissed off and they've been what has kept SBS up and running for years. When I was still staff, you kept telling us how people didn't stay because it was hogwarts, but because of the community as a whole, if that's the case, then why aren't you actively trying to take care of what little of the community you have left? You made a post for halloween/anniversary but like, nothing else. No updates, no more sneak peeks to show us you're still invested in keeping this server around. I don't support this other hogwarts ripoff as it's most likely gonna get shut down but from what I've been hearing, the owners actively listen to the community for feedback and have been working on improving the server while it's still around. 

What's even more frustrating is quite a few of these people still around have been here for years and have invested so much time (Some money) to support a server they loved. When hogwarts shut down, it was awful, people were upset while some celebrated. I don't know how difficult it is to run a game server but dude, you gotta step your game up. Get more of a presence with the community, garner feedback, give the people something to actually look forward to. If not, then maybe just shut the whole thing down and not waste anymore of your money to keep the server up. 

Also, this ban was stupid. Lexa, you could have easily snipped the 2-3 negative things on that thread and kept the remaining positive comments. If you expect your forum staff to act professional on the forums, I'd expect the forum MANAGER to act the same. The server's current state isn't an excuse to go off the rails. 

Buh bye. 

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