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Sitting awake at 2AM don't know what to do...Oh hey, a staff report which I can spend an hour writing a useless take that no one really cares about, a perfect way to spend my time!

Now, if it wasn't clear enough, I'm a bit of a no-life forum whore.

My take:

The ban itself: Yes, we all know Ryte can be protective of his emotions sometimes, however I do believe there's also some justification in the ban too besides that.
Now, this might just be an assumption, but I'd take a good guess that you enjoy wallowing in the crumbling of this once prestigious community, after all the torment that has transpired over the years for many, just like many others. 
Point being, I'd like to ask what your actual intentions are behind this report, and more importantly, the discord ban appeal itself.

The staff report:
Put simply, are you writing this out of spite for Ryte? 

What are you expecting or hoping to get out of this, a demotion, do you really think Ariel would demote someone (regardless if it were Ryte or not) over this at the current stage in SBS's life? It might have happened say, 3-4 years ago, but not now. 

Are you writing this to stoke the fire that is slowly clawing at the rags that this server lies on? To get the last laugh? To spark a bit of argument? To show the supposed awfulness of this staff team in order to bring people to your new found second coming of christ server owned by the great and glorious Puma?!?! (That last 1 might be a bit far-fetched)

But to the ban appeal and the ban, which this staff report is based on:
Why appeal for a "dead" server? Why should we (the staff team) indulge in these incessant 2 words that get repeated every 5 seconds?
Why should we let that slide, when we can kick out those people in favour of actually attempting to rebuild a newer, fresher community? (By no means am I saying this is what should be done, but it's a hypothetical.)

But, why does this matter I hear you asking?
Well, me personally, the wrong-doing I see being done here by Ryte, is that yes technically there was no warning given before the ban, it was a little hasty in some sense, the reasoning behind enacting punishment at all to me is a valid rule 2 infraction however.

And, in regards to the 24 hours to wait to deny, this was certainly an overlook by Ryte, I'll let @Ariel Lionheart elaborate should she choose to on that matter.

Your intentions here, assumingly, are negative. It's an attempt to take a jab at Ryte publicly which has been done countless times over the years, and even just recently, by yourself.


I'd take a gamble that you don't expect anything literal or detrimental to Ryte out of this and his server rank, (rather more to just belittle his reputation) and that my first question in the second paragraph has some truth to it, so, if Ariel was not required to answer this report, why should she even acknowledge or respond to it?

I mean cmon, we both know that the second this gets denied in some form, you'll claim bias because of Ariel and Ryte.

Sincerely, a no-life forum whore
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no-life forum whore
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I'm a little lost on the leaks.  Your mad at Moo for knowing about leaks that came from your team?  And like what are people going to leak on a 4 pop average server?   

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This just seems like a petty staff report because you don't actually want to play GOM or be in the community anymore. I will say that Ryte wasn't abusing power for denying your discord ban appeal less than 24 hours because before he did, staff were looking to see if we still had to do it and it wasn't stated anywhere so he went ahead and denied your appeal. As for your comments in discord, I could say that it should've been a warning but Ryte felt a ban should be warranted. Also, I don't think he is getting away with anything just because Ariel is staff manager. 
I am going to be -1

Edit: I don't think Ryte was in the wrong for punishing you, he had a valid reason because you were breaking the GOM discord rules, "No disrespectful behavior is allowed; insults, hate speech and harassment are all prohibited. Keep all drama elsewhere." Could it have been a kick or warning? Sure. There was a valid reason though and sure it may have Ryte you were disrespecting but it doesn't mean it was over personal reasons. Also, I wouldn't excuse abuse of power because a person banned doesn't play anymore. I believe there was no abuse of power in this instance and the ban, although may have been a little extreme, was under a valid reason. 
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