Krampus Christmas Event.

Krampus Manor.
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Old depictions show Saint Nicholas and Krampus visiting children every year on the 5th of December, Saint Nick would give the good children presents while Krampus would scare the bad children by rattling chains or in some accounts even strike them.

The idea was to encourage children to behave all year and be rewarded with presents with the otherwise threat of punishment. Most would think that Saint Nick is the good guy while Krampus is believed to be an evil demon, the reality is much more complicated. 

The Krampus entity has been in pre-christian alpine traditions since the 6th century, In todays time Saint Nick, known now as Santa Claus gives presents to children regardless of whether they have been naughty or nice.

What lessons are being learned? Why is Santa doing this? 

Meet with Krampus and Father Grigori, they have a quest for you.

Krampus says his manor has been attacked by evil snowmen and ice creatures, his immediate suspicion is Santa Claus. He says the two of them had a very ugly falling out over something that he will not elaborate further on. 
Krampus and Father Gregori want you to enter the house and clear any enemies inside.

You question your childhood and everything you thought you knew as this ancient entity, Krampus, may be an old God and somehow and in a frightening way, be the good guy in this story. 

Embark on a quest with Krampus and Father Gregori and unravel the first of many secrets of Christmas. 

Event will take place on Friday the 16th at 7:00PM CST. 

Krampus Manor

Thanks to the brave Students of Starbright Krampus now has his manor back. 

Thankyou everyone for helping and I hope you all enjoyed the event. 

Event concluded, thread lock please : )

Event is concluded by @Larissa!

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