Replacing The Void?

How would you all feel about replacing The Void with disciples of a mythological villain so they feel more in-line with the theme? 

List of well-known villains (feel free to add any I'm missing):
Cronus (Greek)
Typhon (Greek)
Ares, fairly villainous (Greek)
Surtr (Norse)
Ymir (Norse)
Cthulu (Lovecraftian)

Keep The Void? Replace them with something else?
Feel free to come back after the update, as your thoughts on The Void may change for better or worse.

Mans talking to ghosts

This is a good suggestion and just to clarify, I actually asked Jay to post his suggestion so we could hear others opinions in the community that have ideas and are interested in seeing some changes done towards the lore for the server. So dw, the ghosts are watching hahaha. We'd like to hear from you guys what you want

Also this suggestion gave me the thought that maybe some type of evil council would be cool to have, perhaps even alongside the Void Overlord we've got already

What we desperately need is depth to the RP. Adding more jobs that people can relate to will encourage people to actually play as them. More side characters I think are important, characters with a variety of bodygroups will help aswell. 

Over the past few weeks I have been trying out other servers and many of them excel at giving the player a feeling of individuality and personality. I am strongly against the Military RP side of things as I find it brain numbingly boring. 

What our server has is like no other. We have a tab that shows all of our jobs, what they can do and how to unlock them, this is extremely important for people who want to find their favourite place in RP and just get on and do it. We don't need to rely on other people to allow RP we can just do it ourselves whenever, other servers do not have this luxury. 

I remember seeing the Elite Auror in the job menu, grinding hard for it and being really happy once I unlocked it. I spent a lot of time playing as that character, we need jobs that appeal to people like this. At the moment I don't think anyone is very keen on unlocking many characters.

I think with the Void and Celestial we need more jobs surrounding them like support roles, a job that people can play and feel useful without being either 'leader' or 'crony'; A job with a healing magic SWEP for example or a powerful animagus. 

I think now more than ever Guy needs to focus on F2P jobs and adding depth to the lore of the server which in itself with encourage RP. 

As for the names themselves, they could be better but they need to be something we all understand and can easily talk about. DF and LF was simple, Void and Celestial Isn't bad but we need to think about what our next one might be and what their acronyms are.

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