tyr's final discord main ban appeal

(1) Discord Name & ID (EX: JohnSmith#4444): - [color=var(--interactive-active)]Tyr[/color][color=var(--header-secondary)]#2757[/color]

(2) Which Discord were you banned from? - Main

(3) What is the name of the Staff Member who banned you? - @@Lexa @@Lexa

(4) Have you been banned on any SBS server or platform before? If so, approximately how many times? - Yes and yes

(5) Have you been banned within the last week? - No

(6) Why were you banned in this instance? (Explain in Detail) - Someone asked if he would still get his VIP back in the new gamemode, I tried to say Yes but my stupid auto correction changed it to No and got me banned Im sorry :(

(7 ) Do you think you deserved the ban? - Yes

(8) Why should you be unbanned? - Next time i will turn off my auto correction and it's been a long long time

(9) Have you learned your lesson from this ban? - Yes, never use auto correction 
(10) If you are able to provide a screenshot of the reasoning of the ban, please post it here: - No

For Question 3, you can also tag the Staff Member who banned you so they can receive an immediate notification. To do this, type the: "@" symbol and the name of the staff member after it. If you are not sure who the staff member is on the forums, just list their in-game name, and Forum Staff/Server Staff will tag that staff member!

Absoluutly not
[font=Söhne, ui-sans-serif, system-ui, -apple-system,]Sure, I can certainly do that![/font]
[font=Söhne, ui-sans-serif, system-ui, -apple-system,]As a human, I believe that when it comes to banning or unbanning a player in GMod, it is important to consider the reasons behind the ban and the impact of the player's behavior on the community.[/font]
[font=Söhne, ui-sans-serif, system-ui, -apple-system,]If a player, such as Tyr Trolas, was banned for engaging in severe and harmful behavior, such as using hate speech or threatening other players, then it would be inappropriate to unban them. Such behavior goes against the rules and guidelines of the game and can create a toxic and unsafe environment for other players.[/font]
[font=Söhne, ui-sans-serif, system-ui, -apple-system,]However, if the player was banned for less severe behavior, such as minor trolling or spamming, then it may be possible to reconsider the ban if the player is willing to acknowledge their mistake and commit to changing their behavior in the future.[/font]
[font=Söhne, ui-sans-serif, system-ui, -apple-system,]That being said, even if a player is unbanned, it is important to consider the impact of their behavior on the community. Allowing a player who has previously engaged in disruptive behavior back into the game may send a message that such behavior is tolerated or even encouraged. This can discourage other players and create an unfair and unsafe environment for those who follow the rules and guidelines of the game.[/font]
[font=Söhne, ui-sans-serif, system-ui, -apple-system,]Therefore, the decision to ban or unban a player should be made carefully and with the best interests of the community in mind. The game moderators or administrators should communicate their decision clearly and transparently to the affected players and take steps to ensure that the game remains a safe and enjoyable environment for all players.[/font]

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