Trollll in the dungeon

Hi all

I made a suggestion on discord and was asked to place it in here. I would like to suggest random quirky events like a roaming Troll during lockdown event, instead of a dm we could have other random events. I was told this event was active a long time ago and well i always find amazing things too late D= 

thankies ^_^ 


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(1) What is your in-game name & Steam ID? - STEAM_0:0:18701175

(2) What type of event is this? (Passive RP, Forum announced, etc.) -  Not quite sure >..> lockdown event?

(3) What are the details of this event and now will it be run? - Roaming troll during lockdown

(4) What problems could arise and how could the be remedied? - students could get pummeled by a troll baton if they do not return to dorms.

im pretty sure this is passive but hmmmmm. Neutural isnt my cup of tea event but maybe
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I'm not sure if passive or not, I'm sure some students might try to "fight" the troll. If someone was to be in the toilets.

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I've done this many times before, it's fun but hard to execute proper boss fights without errors.
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