[Clone Wars RP] Naval Officer Guide

This guide is to inform you and all other players whom play in the Naval Officer job of some of the regulations of Navy, how Naval RP works, and a general explanation of the system itself. If you have any questions, please contact a staff member and they will assist you in answering any and all questions you may have. 

Explanation of the Naval System:
At any time, anyone may switch to the Naval Officer role as long as there are slots open for it(There are currently 4 slots for the job). This means that while anyone can play as Navy, there can only be 4 Naval Officers at any one given time. When swapping over to Navy, your rank, name and character carry over from the Army, and they are not meant to be changed from the default name system(If you normally play as ARC or ARF, when using Navy just use the default CT name format, if you play as a lore character you are allowed to change your name to something else when swapping over to naval).

Regulations of Navy:
How to conduct Naval RP: 
  • Granting Takeoffs/Landings
  • Weapon Inspections
  • Bunk Inspections
  • Other

If you are found to be abusing the Naval job(such as abusing the stunstick, using it to avoid punishment, etc)you will be punished, same as everyone else. 
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