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(storyline annoucement)

After hearing and seeing the immense power of Kango, many people have speculated the power they could
harness from such a force. Many of these people, were people named The Badgers. They are ruthless, yet
poor and under powered raiders, that originate from Tatooine. After hearing this, they have successfully lured
Kango into a trap, and have trapped him in one of their camps. Enraged, Kango breaks out with ease, but has
hundreds of blows and shots, weakening him. Now an escapee, Kango is no where to be seen. Even though this
powerful welder has become a favorite of the clones, some have worried if their fellow friend is still alive, wandering
in the Tatooine Desert, and hoping to find him one day.


Additional Details/Notes

Firstly, I know people would find it ridiculous to do a storyline, basing on this guy. But, a lot of people seemed to like him, and I do wanna build
character on this certain Welder that I introduced. I would like to introduce some backstory, and hopefully everyone will get to love this fellow!

- This storyline will be a sequel to the Dymas Saga, and will be connecting with my later storylines. I do plan on Kango being a main character in this
one. I do wanna base this storyline mainly around him, and I hope players will like that.

- You might be wondering what COMING SOON is. Well, Its already been announced, so please be on the lookout in a week or so for any updates. I do wanna start this in Feburary,
so you won't wait that long. I want to put as much detail, and considering our very small map pool, I want to use our remaining maps to its fullest extent.

- Yes, this is suppose to a kind of fun and relaxed storyline, compared to my more combat intense ones. However, do not expect
any lower quality of events from me, as I put my best effort in every storyline I do.

- I hope you enjoy this! I am looking forward to do more and more with all of you guys.
- Stew
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So basically what you're saying is that this storyline is all about the infamous star wars character known as: 
[Image: iecle1br6h621.jpg]

If so, I'm ready. 

(Also Ik the roleplay section is meant to be "in-character', but I just had to do this)
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