Slytherin Miscreants

Slytherin's Miscreants
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(1) What is your in-game name & Steam ID? -
Gina Governatore,  STEAM_0:1:90890134

(2) What type of event is this? (Passive RP, Forum announced, etc.) - May be forum announced, requires event briefing and building before the event can begin properly. 

(3) What are the details of this event and now will it be run? -

Malfoy and his gang of miscreants have begun to vandalize/conquer certain parts of the school to spread their pure-blood beliefs to the student body. GMs would need to build Slytherin-Styled spaces in the:

-Potions classroom
-Class 1 hallway
Malfoy and his gang will, for a temporary time (intended for RP)
be permitted to freely enter/exit these spaces to rally support from students in their house and to create all sorts of mischief.

Mischief may include:
-Locking and barricading students in classrooms, requiring their rescuers to seek out Filch (who will have a crowbar) to let them out (break barricades).
-Brewing explosive potions and setting them off around the school to create chaos.
-General chaos, arson, vandalism.
-Thuggish behavior, assaulting students with blue batons, bullying based on blood-status, bragging.
-Flying Nimbus 2001's above the inner courtyard and dropping ravenous frogs (or antlions, garbage... fire, maybe even helicopter bombs :^)WeCanOnlyDream

This mischief making will continue for as long as the GM sees fit.

Each key member of the Slytherin Gang lock themselves in their respective areas with some loyal Slytherin students joining them. Thus, the gang is now separated and students from the other houses may work with the Headmaster (via event briefing) to figure out how they can teach the naughty miscreants of Slytherin a lesson! 

Each gang leader will have some form of special twist which makes fighting them unique. I recommend Draco be saved till last. Slytherin students have no choice but to fight alongside Draco as all Slytherins will be KOS during the fighting phase.
It is up to the students which gang leader they want to attack first, but I've specifically placed the gang leaders close to the houses (e.g Hufflepuff near the Kitchens, Ravenclaw near Class 1).

Blaise Zabini: Taken over potions classroom. His bodyguards are given unique buffs due to his proficiency in potions. Blaise prefers to stun his opponents with stupefy, and let his buffed bodyguards finish off anyone who would dare enter HIS Potions Classroom. Blaise may hide behind sheets of glass which afford him some cover. GMs may also want to put a spinning blade in the middle of the courtyard to make approaching Blaise difficult. They may have to parkour their way over to get a clear view of him.

Vincent Crabbe: In the Kitchens raiding the school food supply. He has a Stunstick and Avada. Crabbe is a tank, seems larger than usual, and has more health than any other member in the gang. Students should use Stupefy to finish him off quickly.

Gregory Goyle: Has constructed a complicated fortress outside Class 1 made of varying materials, including castle portraits! (making it harder to reach him). Goyle goes above and beyond by using crucio, the torture curse, and is likely to be arrested once this event concludes. May also use the dragon swep to conjure fire and better evade students trying to stop him.

Draco Malfoy: Has used charms to manipulate the sentinel statues to protect him in his fort, constructed in the library. The library has many tiers, narrow passageways, and as such he will be more difficult to reach than any other member in his gang. The 'tiers' I speak of are invisible props that stop students from simply using carpe/spongify to reach and climb up to Draco. They MUST walk through a myriad of passages, climb props and navigate their way to him.

At the end of this event I picture the Gang leaders being driven away in a flying car, piloted by Aurors... or something similar. Draco's parents might manage to get him out though.

(4) What problems could arise and how could the be remedied? -

People view the event as just another 'Oh, look, buffed players with 1000hp!' : Actually work to make the characters feel unique. Pick good players. You shouldn't walk into the Kitchen and have Crabbe being a giant and attacking kids with Confringo. He should be more... compelling. Maybe give him increased sprintspeed and instruct him to crouch walk around, stopping at certain parts of the Kitchens to stuff his face with food (pizza props--- or whatever the case may be). He shouldn't be screaming at students telling them to "DIE!", instead: "GET AWAY FROM MY FOOD!".

Other characters can also be made compelling. Have Goyle yell at students saying "This is SLYTHERIN'S school now", or some such. Have Blaise tease students saying "you're all too stupid to understand potions". The characterization of the Slytherin Gang is important, this event isn't JUST fighting.

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this would be a really cool and unique event

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How could Gina not make an event as unique as everything he's made?

+1, I’d like the post if I could, your events are always unique:) <3

Gina is literally the most creative person I've met,
I'd love to see how this would be played out.
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This seems like a really cool event
But I wouldnt personally like this event
But other people would love it so
My Vote: +1 
For others sakes
GL on your Idea Gina
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+1 An Idea i've been looking forward to
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