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I think pilots should be able to repair their own ships.

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition?

I haven't been on too much, but the few events that I've been a part of, I've seen either very few or no engineers. And since engineers are the only ones who can repair vehicles, pilots have to rely on them to fix their ships when they're damaged. And with not many or no engineers during events, it usually forces pilots to keep flying until their ships are destroyed and they die. Then pilots have to respawn, find a good area to spawn a ship (which is sometimes far away from the spawn), and take off again. I think it would save a lot of time and be a lot more convenient if pilots could repair the ships themselves.

Also any engineers that are on can stay focused on building for the event instead of having to constantly run to ships that need repairing.

(4) List what you think could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added.

I guess it would take away one job of an engineer. But like I said, it might be good since they can focus on building and not be interrupted by having to repair ships.

That's all! Thank you for reading this :)
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Hey Sibyl,
I think this would be an amazing suggestion,
Since we are loosing engineers and having less active engineers
how are the pilots going to repair there ship
My Vote: Easy +1
Thanks for the amazing suggestion and GL with it Sibyl!
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I always thought Pilots had the tool to repair their ships, to me, it makes sense since they specialize in operating vehicles, meaning they would a strong level of knowledge on also how to repair their vehicles.

I don't think the tool should be limited to just Engineers, considering that the Engineer battalion is not in very good shape of activity (No offense to the NCO/CO of the battalion). Which is a temp thing. (Off-Topic: I do believe that there needs to be work done with the Engineers to help get it active again, maybe advertise it as a good way to help people interested in GM!) 

Obliviously, if there are Engineers online, then the majority of the time, Engineers should be repairing them, if their not on, Pilots should be able to. Even during the beginning of the events, if there are no Engineers on which the majority of the time is only one or none, GMs could perhaps spawn the tool for Pilots? I'm pretty sure it would make their lives SOOO much easier. 

This benefits the Pilots and GMs. GMs won't have constantly spawn in new vehicles (Depending on what it is) due to it being destroyed when it can be easily fixed by a pilot. It would value Pilots more and also give a better survival rate during events. I generally think that the tool would again, benefit both Pilots and GMs, makes their lives easier with the spawning and able to repair! 

I really don't see a con on this, but of course I'd love to see other's people's perspective on it! +1
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-1, but not exactly because I disagree with pilots repairing ships.
Pilots use LFS. There is only one way to repair LFS: using the Context Menu (the thing that opens when you would hold C). The context menu is disabled on the server, reason being, normal players can delete map props using the context menu.
Now, for the most part I trust all of my pilots not to be idiots and delete map props like elevators and hangar doors but I can't say that will remain the case in the future once I leave. But, unfortunately I will have to give this a -1 as it's not the best idea to give players who aren't meant to have it access to the C menu.
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I believe this is needed.
I am from Europe and i believe i am one of the only engineers left. 
When i am online (at about 1-2am in the morning) i constantly see pilots landing to get me to help them. I have no problem with that, but it just shows the problem there is when im not online. If this doesn't get approved, someones gotta make a decision on who should lead the engineers, as it currently is literally dead.
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The main problem I see with pilots being able to repair their own ships, is that you can repair it while flying, and just keep it at max health and ammo.
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