Mr's Norris (the cat)

+1 Mrs Norris is such an iconic character in the HP series that I'm surprised she is still not added... yeah, we already have another cat class, but I feel like you have a lot more RP potential with Mrs. Norris and she should've been added before Crookshanks lol.
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+1 . Id love to see Mrs Norris run around with the caretaker and them both act mysterious and Mrs Norris snitching on students would be iconic.
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I'd love to see it added! Always good to see more critters running around Hogwarts.


I think it wouldn't be too hard to add, simply retexture either the old or new McGonagall animagus to fit Mrs Norris' fur pattern.

Then again it's not really a priority either, although it might improve the Filch job too.

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I'd love to see this be implemented!  Kind of surprising that it hasn't been added in.  It would definitely make the caretaker role a bit more fun. :3

Neutral leaning towards +1

Ms Norris is lore friendly, though a PM is needed. I don’t find crookshanks all that interesting and I don’t really know if they’d swap one for another or just give it the role entirely itself.
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+1 I've seen this accepted before back on the old forums, there was even a temp player model waiting for Tom Pixie or Odin to do some work on, maybe, or something. Just grab a random tabby 3d model and chuck it in!

Give filtch his cat and lantern, "oooohhhh we are in trouble" 

Fits lore, better rp job that crookshanks, could even give it to non vips like flitch
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