(UNDER CONSIDERATION) Adding more ranks.

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CGLC 0599 Odin


(2)Your suggestion: 

Oh boy another suggestion from Comet.

Adding more ranks.

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: 

I spoke to a couple of people about adding some more ranks a few weeks back and they seemed to like the idea. As much as people who play on CWRP say that they don't care about ranks, I just know it's not true. Everyone loves a promotion, it makes you feel good, it's like being praised and makes you want to play more etc. I think that now naval ranks have been removed we could add more army ranks so that there is a little more variation on the server. Everyone could keep their ranks that they currently have and the new ones could be added around it. I know that a lot of the older players are going to dislike this idea, but it's hard to deny everyone loves a promotion.

We could add a couple more ranks to each sub-section, for example: We could add Private First Class and/or Specialist to the lower ranks; Master Sergeant, First Sergeant or Gunnery Sergeant to the NCOs; and maybe Lieutenant Colonel and/or Warrant Officer to the officer ranks.

Now I know this probably comes at a strange time, but while the player count has been lowish over the past few weeks it would probably be a good time to implement something like this if people like the idea. It's not a solution to fix a player drought, but I think it could take the edge off of the whole elitism deal that's still kicking about. The whole 'promotions are supposed to mean something', 'they're not meant to be frequent' deal is outdated. If we add this, some variation would appear rather than having 4 LC's, 5 CSS/CSM etc. 

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: 

It would take some getting used to. People are gonna have to relearn some of the new ranks, honestly wouldn't be hard but it could cause some confusion.

But the only major thing I can see being a problem is how names would work. I know most people hate the idea of having CT PVT blah blah, I do too. But I'm sure there would be some way to differentiate each rank so that it's obvious. 

I agree with this post a lot, and would like to see at least a few more ranks added into our current system.

Hey Odin
I love this idea and I would love to see it in place
and everyone does love a promotion so
My Vote: +1
GL on your suggestion Odin
Your CG in favor
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+1, I feel more ranks especially in the lower ranking scale will allow officers to promote more often without having to worry about getting too high too fast and therefore will give more incentive for troopers in battalions to play!

+1, I think adding more ranks to the sargents would help. This will let the trooper that wishes not to become an officer stay in the sargent ranks instead of becoming an officer. Your idea is also good because rank ups do make troopers know they are doing good and it will make them come back more. I do believe that the UA troopers should be promoted by other battalion officers if they did well in that event or week. However, if more ranks are added they should not be ranked up faster it should be a bit faster in the system we have now.
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This is going to be discussed more with Guy and will be decided upon soon, if this comes to be true then there will likely be an announcement about it on the forums or in discord.
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Suggestion will be considered by Corgi & Guy. 

Thread Locked.
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