Smart Weld and Wiremod (again!)

(1) In-game name & Steam ID (can be obtained by the TAB menu in game, or by using
- Commander Oddball
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(2)Your suggestion: 

I have two addons to suggest adding to the server.
- The first addon I suggest adding is the Smart Weld addon. Smart Weld is a tool that allows you to select multiple objects, or all objects within an area, and weld them all to each other. It makes builds much more stable and less buggy, and makes it easier to ensure everything you want to be in a dupe is in a dupe.

- The second addon I suggest adding is the Wiremod addon. Wiremod is an addon with loads of features. In short, Wiremod is an addon with a set of entities that perform various functions and can all interact with each other. With Wiremod, you can create things like UAVs controllable from a button panel, or even with your eyes or key inputs. Wiremod also has a feature called Expression 2, which is a chip that can be programmed to do just about anything any entity from the mod can do. Using Expression 2 (E2), you can create things like decorative comm-packs for engineers, or a flare launcher to signal LAATs. Wiremod is also difficult to abuse, if configured by admins correctly. I'd be willing to help advise configurations if needed.

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: 

Regarding my first suggestion, Smart Weld:
Smart Weld is a useful tool for both GMs and engineers. It lets them spend less time worrying about constraints and more on the actual builds.
- Sometimes it's stressful to setup for an event, and even more so if you have to worry about your buildings falling apart. Smart Weld lets you area select props and weld them all together, making the time it takes to fix a building to itself almost instantaneous.

Regarding my second suggestion, Wiremod:
Wiremod is able to be used by both GMs and engineers to enhance their events/creations heavily. For example, GMs can use it to create a terminal that can be interacted with by players, or interactable holograms for use during briefing. Engineers can use it to create FOBs only enterable by set people, for example officers, or barricades that are completely covered until someone steps into the correct spot, at which point it opens up to shoot out of.
- We've had Wiremod previously (I believe, I may be confusing memories of SBS and GSN), and as far as I know, it was removed because it was being abused by engineers to create killing machines. This time around, if Wiremod is configured correctly and certain easily abusable things (such as prop spawners, turrets, igniters and certain E2 functions) are restricted, I believe we'll be able to make use of it on the server without it being abused.

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: 

Regarding Smart Weld:
- Using Smart Weld, it is INCREDIBLY easy to lag the shit out of a server by welding too many props to each other. I've definitely gotten close to (or succeeded in) crashing GSN using Smart Weld, just by welding too many props together. However, I believe the max amount of things that can be welded at once can be limited.
- I have read some comments recently on the Smart Weld page about it causing LUA errors but I haven't been able to get them to occur myself, so I'm not sure if it'll cause them or not.

Regarding Wiremod:
Wiremod can DEFINITELY lag a server if used incorrectly. HOWEVER, most if not all features of Wiremod have built-in limiters, which restrict the amount of operations per second can occur per entity. If the server starts to slow down because of Wiremod, it will throttle itself and start slowing down operations, most notably of E2s and Gates to reduce lag.

Yes, this is pretty much an exact duplicate of the first time I posted this suggestion, but I really cba to write up a new entire thread- it's not like the pros and cons will have changed, these addons are years old and their features haven't changed, only been maintained.
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However, due to the nature of WireMod and Smart Weld, this decision my be overruled later. We will contact you with the final decision at a later date. 
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