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K I N D E R G A R T E N E R S 

(1) What is your in-game name & Steam ID? - Gina Governatore, STEAM_0:1:90890134

(2) What type of event is this? (Passive RP, Forum announced, etc.) - May be forum announced. Event is on a fairly large scale, requires an event briefing and the distribution of cuffs to trusted players taking the role of teachers. GM must be capable of organizing/coordinating people. (Note, the two main parties of this event are briefed seperately. See [briefing]*)

(3) What are the details of this event and now will it be run? - 

Precious witches and wizards who attend an impoverished wizarding kindergarten have been extended a warm invitation to Hogwarts by Dumbledore. A dozen or so of these youngsters will have the opportunity to interact with 'the big kids' of Hogwarts, getting to know them better. They will also attend privately run classes especially for them, wearing their oddly colored uniforms with purple ties. 

(the youngsters will be accompanied by a trio of Nuns whom are skilled in DADA. These Nuns are their chaperones.
They will look like regular female Aurors, but have a white hood and black robes.)

Initially, the kindergarteners (12 players) will be introduced to students by means of a [GREAT HALL]. After this, these youngsters will be taught by players taking the role of their teachers (Nuns). 
Among the things they may be do/be taught:
-Nursery rhymes 
-Church History (about the Fat Friar)
-Stranger danger lectures

-Ministry propoganda
-Rudimentary DADA

-Disco/Dance (need to invite big kids. Can only invite ONE) 
e.g of one heck of a song that could be played during this disco:

It's time for lunch! All the kindergarten students sit at round tables scatter around the inner courtyard.
Custard is distributed, which the kindergarteners consume. Little did they know, however:
Lucius Malfoy had put Alihotsy Draught in the custard! He did this knowing full well the chaos that would ensue.
The custard causes the youngsters to enter a strong state of hysteria (they will be given godmode during this).
They flip the tables! (GM will flip them)
They throw the custard everywhere! (GM uses paint toolgun)
They destroy the courtyard setup (possibly pillars, paintings, ...)
They run around the school with increased sprintspeed, being a general inconvenience.

***Kindergarten students are brought into the admin room and supplied with claws, increased health and speed. They are instructed to invade containment and use their claws/magic to help with this.***

Dumbledore gathers ALL the teachers (trusted players) and gives them handcuffs. The Nuns will also be given handcuffs
The Head Boy and Girl (remodelled snatchers) will re-supply handcuffs to teachers who need them.
Students are brought into the great hall and told to help the faculty contain the youngsters with stupefy, or by simply 'distracting the youngsters'. Damage spells will have no effect, as the youngsters have been given godmode.

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(4) What problems could arise and how could the be remedied? -

-Snatchers kidnapping the kindergarteners : This should not be a problem when they are in a classroom being taught a private lesson. Simply put a sign outside the classroom saying ' OOC NOTICE : No snatching allowed! -Server staff '. Or... simply, y'know. Ban snatching by making all of the students remodelled house elves. Whatever works!

-Christian connotations / players being insensitive
What if players demean the students because they come from a religious wizarding school / are taught by Nuns?
Simple! Give the nuns blue stun sticks and arrest sticks. Authorize force to be used against insensitive students.

Wait wait, if two snatchers are being remodelled into the Head Boy + Girl, what about the REAL Head Boy/Girl?
Gamemakers can take these roles / they can be forced onto staff members. That way there won't be two of the same person running about!

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Spoiler: Behold, Sister Rose. The head chaperone
You know that food addon I was pushing for?
Let's just pretend I never did that c: 
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