Change The Allied Neutral Rules Back.

This was removed to stop players picking and choosing. 

If you're df you don't kill other df
If you're lf you don't kill other lf 
Same with neutrals, otherwise we get avada fights

The issue comes down to the whole lore behind Horcruxs, they're the worst example. They are literally apart of one another by being a part of the divergent. Killing one another is like killing your brother which is kinda silly when they're working for the same person. that's a total of 5 jobs that are neutral that will follow this line of thinking. 50% as the other Allieds are
Aberrant dementor
Mad Doctor
The Hunter
Magnificent Dread Mage.

It doesn't matter what your facade is you stick to your side. Otherwise we'll have arguments about using avada against people running with a snatch as we could be doing it as a neutral, then have neutral v neutral fights with a bunch of avadas.

At the end of the day, these jobs are meant to work together, the problem with the facade type rule is that you cannot apply it to dark force jobs as the rules own admission states that dark roles that use damaging spells are automatically revealed (Specifically this is in snatcher ergo applies to all snatching df roles). We can pick sides during a snatching scenario but that is the only time we ever do, and to start murdering one another becomes silly. (This is literally what you're allowing I re read everything that you say you can pick a side so even if a neutral is holding a snatch for neutrals if you decided to facade with DF then you may avada and then die to another horcrux with firestorm fighting for LF and then they die to a df with avada and the df dies to a neutral).

Straight up, if you're a neutral force, you work with one another. You shouldn't give a fuck about snatching if your ally has it. Like Lucius can look like he gives a fuck when the Dark animagus rogue takes someone but not actively attack him with spells.
Same with a LF that catches a DF when no one else is around, a LF can't just attack them because they caught a "Student" (Though this is the most metagamey shit considering theres a dark job thats an auror that catches people and the ministry would be aware of this but its a ok if a lf catches anyone and if they're not there to witness the reveal then it's fucked up as you should just kill them but whatever).

Anywho, most staff from the post part told me with the animagus biting that a LF wouldn't bite a LF so I would say everything should apply here, a LF wouldnt attack another LF, a DF wouldn't attack another DF, A neutral wouldn't attack another neutral, and the Light animagus rogue can be removed from the game because its rules make 0 sense.
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Way back in a discussion with Guy, he suggested that Allied Neutrals shouldn’t be aiding in someone snatching unless it’s another allied neutral. I, for example, would never assist a DF when they’re snatching cuz I’m not DF so they’re on their own.

Idk if people are doing that now, but honestly I’d just say they shouldn’t aid DF like that unless they themselves are snatching. Also, anytime I see another house horcrux snatching, I turn a blind eye, cuz at the end of the day we support one another because we’re on the same team.

Also, for trying to “rescue” students when they’re caught by a snatcher, that’s fine. We’re undercover so it makes sense to “play good” when preventing a DF from snatching.

This causes the least amount of problems in my eyes. A

Finally, regarding GY I’ve always thought of it like this: If you’re cool with the DF and they don’t kill you so be it. But if you’re not, it’s their territory. At the end of the day, we’re still separate factions that are hostile to one another so I never get mad. I’ll still go there of my own accord, but I just acknowledge the risks and accept them.

In the end, Michael has confirmed he’s changed nothing, so whatever staff said otherwise was wrong.
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