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Percy was the only head prefect at the time in the movies. Though previously mentioned Harry’s mum, Lily, was a head prefect when she attended, I believe it was the same for McGonagall.
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Theres not really a need for this tbh, it would just be more models to be made and more server space to be taken up. I personally like that each one only has one model, makes it distinguishable from regular prefects. I don't think this is a bad suggestion but I don't think its important for a job half the server can't use.
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-1 you don't need a head prefect for every single house, although where's my head person? It's 2019.
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Hiya Krepsie
I Fully support this idea
I would love to see this in game
My Vote: +1
GL on your suggestion Krepsie
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-1 Sorry but I agree with these guys that making/finding custom models would be too much of a hassle, but still good thinking.

It is a nice idea, but this would mean that Head Boy and Girl would go from just two models, to eight in total. That is a lot for two jobs that only one person can play on at a time and there's not a lot of players who are high enough to even play it.

The only way I see this working is if regular student models are placed as an option to the jobs, so it doesn't take up any more server space, but would still fulfill your suggestion.

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I would admit that it would be nice to have the other rotate through the houses but that's totally up to guy.
It wouldn't be too hard to make, but on top of what's being developed it's not necessary as it stands now.

Personally I would use different characters for the lot and it would take only a couple of minutes, but I'll be waiting for the student update first... whenever that may be.

The only reason I want to -1 is due to it having to rotate every now and then is just a pain.

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