Clone Engineer Skin Change

(1) In-game name & Steam ID 
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(2)Your suggestion: To change over the skins for the clone engineers

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: It could just be cool to see everyone but the naval officers as a normal clone trooper because the clone engineers were not like that in the show and films so it would be more lore. We would finally have a engineer officer skin so that would be fully sick man

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: The Current Engineers not liking the skin (not like there is any)
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I like the Idea, but there are some issues.
      While the current model fits while on ship when we are deployed and out on events
have clone personnel in gear that would be worn in non combat environments can take
away from the RP can looks a little strange. Giving them proper armor will make them
look more in place with everyone else. While at the same time adding to RP it could also
help boost getting more people interested in join engineers being they get a pretty nice
looking model they get to play run around with.

     At the same time this model is phase II and doesn't fit in the server, while I do like the
models they are they wrong generation of clone troopers. If they had a version of this
in a phase I style I would be all for it but with the models linked they don't fit the servers
time period for the clone wars.
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However, we will not be using this specific addon. We have our own special Engineer Models in the works that will eventually arrive and replace our current models. 

So while a change of models is being accepted, we will not be using this specific addon to do it. 

Thread Locked. 
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