Reasons for an Application Lock (Please Read before Applying)


Failure to read the rules and regulations is NOT an excuse for not following them. 
Failure to follow any of the rules listed here will result in your application being locked.

  • Applicants who apply for either Halo Moderator or Gamemaker, will be voted on by the Staff Team. Staff Applicants who are deemed qualified by the Staff will be accepted into a Trial-Position to which they will undergo 1-2 Weeks of Trial. 
  • Applicants who have their Applications Denied at a Meeting, will have their Application locked with a reason why. You may re-apply in 1 week and we encourage that you work off the feedback that we give you. 

  • If an applicant is banned on the forums or in game their application will be denied and the applicant may reapply when any and all bans are lifted.

  • If an applicant causes or participates in drama on their application, or excessive drama in the general community, their application may be denied. The applicant may reapply at once unless told otherwise, however it is advisable to wait until the drama related issues have been ameliorated.

  • If an applicant is found to have lied in their application (such as false claims or lying about ban history) the application may be denied and the applicant may reapply at once unless told otherwise.

  • If an applicant is advertising their application it will be denied and they may not reapply for a week unless told otherwise. Advertising in this sense is very strict, you may not ask for feedback, display, discuss or link your application or ask someone to do any of this for you. If someone has a question about your staff application you may answer any question as candidly as you wish as long as the communication is private and cannot be viewed later by someone who wasn't there. Any and all questions the applicant has can be addressed to and answered by a community, forum or sometimes server staff member privately. Simply put, you may answer anyone's questions privately or ask your own questions privately to staff members, but that is the limit. -Side note about advertising someone else's application below-

  • An applicant may only comment on their own staff application if they follow the guidelines listed below by Lexa within 12 hours of the most recent post. Doing otherwise will result in the application being denied and the applicant being unable to reapply for a week unless told otherwise. (bumping)

  • Plagiarizing or copying any other player's application is not allowed, any applicant who does so will be denied and will not be allowed to reapply for two weeks unless told otherwise.

  • If an applicant uses an alt account to comment on their own application, all applications by that user will be denied and the applicant may not reapply for two weeks unless told otherwise. The alt accounts will be permabanned and the main account will receive a forum ban, the applicant cannot reapply until the main account's forum ban is over, even if the two week period has lapsed.

  • If an applicant's application is denied and the applicant is told to wait for a specific amount of time but applies before that time is over, the application will be denied and the time will start from the beginning.

  • Resigned Staff Members can re-apply at any time. However, if a Staff Member who resigned within 1 Day and wishes to reconsider joining, you must speak to the Staff Manager FIRST.

  • Demoted Staff Members must wait 1 month from the demotion to apply again. (This includes staff members who were forced to resign)

  • If a staff member has been demoted 3 times, they can not apply again unless told otherwise by a community staff member. (This does not include leaving the team due to failing the trial period)

Side note on the topic of advertising someone else's application:

  • If you wish to discuss someone else's application you may do so if: all participants in said discussion are okay with talking about the application, the discussion cannot be viewed later by individuals who were not part of the discussion and the applicant may not initialize the discussion. All but the last restriction will result in warnings and punishment for the individuals involved but will not effect the application or applicant (unless the applicant is one of the individuals involved)

If you have any questions regarding any of the rules listed here, feel free to contact a Forum Admin or the Staff Manager regarding any questions or concerns you may have!

We, the forum staff team, are okay with people responding to their own applications for specific reasons.
People are allowed to reply to their own thread when they:
- Answer a question asked by those that vote;
- Argue with false claims (for example, voter: "You were banned yesterday.", OP: "No I wasn't banned.");
- If it is necessary to give an in-depth explanation of a situation/event as a reply to a voter;
- Vague, but if there is some major news regarding the applicant or the application (like a week vacation to explain their inactivity).
If you are responding to feedback given to you, try and do so in a timely manner. If you are responding to someone and you wait for a long period, it may be considered bumping and your application may be locked.
Any kind of comments made on your own application that doesn't adhere to the above rules will be counted as bumping and could possibly get your application denied and locked.
P.S: Do NOT thank every voter for their vote as a single reply. Thanks!
-Forum Staff

-If in doubt, check with a forum admin, myself or Elios-

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