Report M-832-A

Suspicious Activity Report
Date of Incident: March 24, 255(x)

Type of Incident: Unusual Cargo 

Affiliated Party(ies): Naval, Cargo Enforcement Team, Medical 

Description of Incident: On the date mentioned above, a package with the return address labeled [Redacted], Earth was delivered to an individual of the station's medical team (Will be referred to as Individual X from now on). The package itself was covered in black ink and the letters S1 scribbled onto the left side of box. The box was presented to the individual X by two (2) Naval Personal, after the package was screened by the Cargo Enforcement Team. Individual X was somewhat surprised by the package, as it was clear Individual X was not expecting it. After initial inspection of the package, the box was opened and inside was a number of [Redacted]. The two Naval personal were sicken by the contents of the box as was Individual X. The Naval Personal questioned Individual X about the package but once again Individual X had claimed no prior knowledge of the package or it's sender. The box was taken to Cargo to be repacked and sent to NAVCOM to be handled by Military Criminal Investigators. As per, Uniform Code of Military Justice, a full suspicious activity report is to be sent within thirty (30) days of the first notice of the incident. Due to the "special circumstances" surrounding Individual X, this report was conducted by one of the Naval Personal who was witness to the cargo's content.

Witness(es): Petty Officer First Grade Blackmare, Crewman Donut, Individual X

Additional reports should be created in the event any more suspicious cargo are delivered to individual X.

The Contents of the redacted parts of this report are to not be disclosed to non-investigative personal until the on-going investigation is concluded.

Witnesses, including Individual X, should be noted that if the investigation becomes classified following the conclusion of the investigation that they may not speak of the case to anyone without direct permission from the investigation's primary council or those with high permission levels. 

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