Juvenile Detention

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(1) What is your in-game name & Steam ID? - 
Gina Governatore, STEAM_0:1:90890134

(2) What type of event is this? (Passive RP, Forum announced, etc.) -
Passive. Though on a very large scale.

(3) What are the details of this event and now will it be run? -

Dumbledore, tired of sending the same kids to detention over and over again has had *enough*. He's spoken with The Ministry... and now: when a kid is deemed an 'unacceptable risk', Aurors will swoop in, arrest them, and put them into Juvenile Detention.

Juvenile detention will be built under the map.
It should consist of several rooms where PassiveRP can occur. 
I envision it being, for all intensive purposes: a prison.
Rooms will include:
-Interview room 
-Observation Deck
-Counselling/Therapy Room
-Small library 
-Metalwork shop 
-Kitchens/Mess Hall 
-Cells (group cells)
-Visiting Room
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Students brought to Juvenile Detention will be given... 
a caseworker
Someone who works to get them out of Juvy.
In order for a student to be released they have to cooperate with the caseworker, attend therapy, and behave well. 
Students who do not behave well shall not be released.

✺ Aurors tasked with watching over the youth have the authority to use reasonable force to correct the behavior of the disobedient.
✺ The Minister for Magic and other high profile Ministry employees can be brought in to 'observe' the progress of the youth from an unreachable observation deck.

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To give a more clear idea on how this event would run, I've spelled out the 'roles' that would need to be assigned and what they'd do.

Court Personnel - A single Judge from the Wizengamot and his/her team whose job it is to process cases. They'd hear from Caseworkers about the rehabilitation of juveniles and decide whether or not the juvenile in each case is ready for release or not.

Caseworkers - Molly Weasley and her team of caseworkers have the task of interviewing the youth in their 'interview rooms'. They also hold seminars in the Classrooms and record the attendance of the youth who come to these. Youth who misbehave in these seminars can be kicked out at the discretion of the caseworker and their bad behavior will be recorded.
One case worker may also double as a nurse and oversee the Infirmary.

Aurors - Have the task of keeping order. They work with the caseworkers during 'Therapy/Class time' and help take youth into the Courtroom when Caseworkers believe it is appropriate, and the specific youth in question qualifies for release. Aurors will also have the task of going into Hogwarts and detaining troubled youth, bringing them to Juvy.
One Auror in conjunction with Molly Weasley will dictate what exactly the youth should be doing at any given time (the timetable). E.g. is it nap time? Is it Free Time? Is it Class Time? Lunch? Exercise?

Youth - Young folk who broke the law and got sent to Juvy. The more they cooperate the more likely they are to be released. The submaterial tool may be used on students to give them an orange jumpsuit... or something? Who knows.

(4) What problems could arise and how could the be remedied? -

Scheduling would me the main difficulty from my  perspective. Always making sure students have something to do: even the badly behaved ones. Honestly this entire event is just a huge social experiment but I'm having a grand enough time just thinking about it.

I hypothesize there will be the 'good students' who cooperate and attend therapy, and a small pocket of 'bad students' who get kicked out of these sessions and mess about in other areas of the prison.

I would suggest having the 'main players' of the event in discord/vc:
-The Wizengamot Justice overseeing the court
-Molly Weasley overseeing all caseworkers 
-The Head Auror managing the inner workings of the prison 
^ *Note, the timetable is whatever the GM says it is, and this will become obvious to event participants when the message
is given to the 'main players' who will, in turn, relay the messages to their subordinates: thus stimulating the event.

The GM conducting this event can be as creative as they want in order to keep things rolling.
Let students smuggle in contraband (finally, a use for the xanax prop)
Give some students weapons and let them start a gang...
Who knows!

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I really like this idea.. alot!!

"Juvenile detention will be built under the map. 
It should consist of several rooms where PassiveRP can occur. 
I envision it being, for all intensive purposes: a prison."

Not sure how it will be implemented into the map though, I've heard that Guy is not adding anything to the map anymore or updating it (correct me if i'm wrong).. If guy is up to adding this under the map, I think it would be a really nice addition to the server. 

Also did you want this to replace the current detention area? 
And how would the Aurors bring students to the Juvenile detention if it's under the map? 
Cause if it's with an arrest baton then the spawn for detention would have to change. Also if you're using restraints to take the students to the juvenile detention how would you get there? 
Maybe a port-key in the restricted section for easy access to the detention?
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(04-09-2019, 11:26 AM)Z A G A N Wrote: I really like this idea.. a lot!!

"Juvenile detention will be built under the map. 
It should consist of several rooms where PassiveRP can occur. 
I envision it being, for all intensive purposes: a prison."

Not sure how it will be implemented into the map though

There's plenty of space under the map for GMs to construct the area with props.
It has been done before: see image below.

I'm glad you like the idea ^-^
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Awesome idea, I think this can be done and it would be so much fun, my only worry is, that it may be to difficult to complete.

Pros: Oh look, the Aurors get to do something productive for once in their lives.
        Oh look, its basically a Ministry takeover of Hogwarts. Hail Fudge!!
        Oh look, "reasonable force". That's just ambiguous enough to mean just about anything. We can staff it with dementors, right?

Cons: Oh god, the Aurors have to do something productive for once in their lives. monkaS
         Oh god, there is going to be some real salty and sassy students.
         Oh god, that dementor just gave a student it's kiss. That's going to be some hellish paperwork.

Potentially bigger Con: You know there is going to be one person who goes on a power trip.

On a more serious note, it is a well thought out event that might be incredibly ambitious for the general controlled chaos that the server is in at any one time. Its weirdly in that grey area for me between passive and active event, largely because of the sheer size and scale. Its almost something you'd need to announce ahead of time. 

I do like that it gives already established roles something else to do outside of being murdered horribly by the Dark Forces. Could definitely be a boon to overall light forces involvement. You'd also need some dedicated character RPers to make it work, which might not be feasible for a semi-serious server. With that said I do really like the idea of it, mainly just because it is something unique and different. It'll just take a dedicated group to pull it off.

I'm going to try and building something like this today
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