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File 258-C4568D-5V6YZ-B5
Name: Drakon Valorius
Species: Sangheili
Rank: Imperator(Arbiter)
Position: SoS Faction Leader
Clearance Level: C-1
Status: Active
Background: During his Tenure in the Covenant, FleetMaster Drakon Valorius had amassed a number of ships in his fleet, second to that of one of his Fellow commanders. But like all Sangheili Drakon started out small, from the Rank of Minor to be exact, no one knew of him, or even cared. But to this day the Council is baffled as to how a lowly minor rose up quickly through the ranks, some suspected trickery or bribery of the lowest kind. But in truth Drakon was a brilliant commander and strategist he was able to take command of almost any situation and turn it into a win for the covenant, but even his battles were marked with defeat and soaked with blood of his fellow sangheili. Though as he reached the rank of shipmaster he particularly showed his skills in out maneuvering humans vessels and obliterating any opposition in space or on land. And for a long time he fought with all he had, and he was gaining recognition and praise from the Council and prophets, but not all saw him as a Grand Warrior of the Covenant, quite few wanted him dead or  demoted. And on many occasions he would encounter the forces that appeared to be heretics but were to well equipped to be such things. Of course eventually he would learn of those who want him dead and gone, and he would deal with them in the harshest manner possible especially when he was called upon by the Supreme Commander of the Fleet of particular Justice in the year of 2439, and he was promoted to the rank of FleetMaster and given a few ships to command, and of course over time with his own fleet he won many battles and his fleet only grew in size, it was small compared to other fleets that protected High Charity but they got the job done, with precision And as the years went on as one would expect, Drakon found those who wanted him gone, and had them arrested for Heresy and executed without trial, as was his authority when dealing with lowly commanders who don't know there place. But in the year 2548 the Fleetmaster took on a fairly new but experienced ShipMaster known as Dracarus Varum, and with him at his side, they won many more battles against the humans and reclaimed quite a few Relics for the Prophets. But as months passed Drakon had to leave the ShipMaster behind as he was Recalled to join his fleet with Supreme commanders main fleet, and have a meeting about some big discovery. And so FleetMaster Drakon Valorius did as he was ordered and regrouped with the main fleet. And during his time aboard the main Fleet, he was held at a even higher respect all due to one Sangheili word. But overtime as the meetings and planning went on, they finally put there plan into actions, and attacked a human data archive station that was hidden away. But no longer. And with the main fleet combined with Drakons own fleet it made it possible to take the station quickly with little bloodshed on their side. Once the fleet arrived just outside of the stations detection zone, a phantom was dispatched with a full platoon of Silent Shadow, whom Drakon was very familiar with, seen as he was offered a position with them long ago but refused, so he could lead and protect his brothers.But they asked him to join them and lead there glorious mission into the UNSC Data Archive, and he had no way to Refuse Especially with the Supreme Commander insisting, saying he may take a liking to the Armour and becoming a Silent Shadow, and so there he was in a phantom that was set adrift and made to look damaged and disabled towards the UNSC station. The plan was for the UNSC to capture the Phantom which would be heavily sealed, but made to look extremely old with the main cockpit blown out and destroyed, so that the UNSC would believe everything inside was dead or it was empty, and with the Help of the SS Armour the Fleetmaster and SS evaded the detections systems entirely, and of course the UNSC took the bait and brought the supposedly inoperable phantom aboard the station, and so the UNSC have taken the bait, sealed the hanger and proceed to open the Phantom by cutting the doors off, and once it had opened, those who were inspecting it saw nothing at all, just a Empty Phantom, and so they all turned their back and walked off to take a break allowing the SS Platoon and FleetMaster to slip away undetected and make there way deep into the station, once they reached the Primary corridor they all split up into groups of 3, 1 group to the Power control, 1 to the Armoury, 1 to the MAC cannon control, and another to Communications, and the Fleetmaster took 2 SS with him to the Bridge, giving themselves 4 minutes to Sabotage the Stations Systems. By the time the FleetMaster arrived at the Bridge of the Station, the other groups had already Sabotaged there designated areas, and were proceeding and welding them shut, and heading back into the phantom to Prep a Special Bomb. The FleetMaster and his 2 SS stealthy and silently made there way to the bridge controls, accessing the Main Door control for the entire station and Venting procedures, all the while disengaging the Facility AI, once the FleetMaster confirmed the others had finished their tasks, he opened all station doors and disabling the hangers shielding, and with the push of a button he uncloaked along with the SS on the Bridge in front of the Humans who eyes were glazed over with pure fear, he instantly vented every room in the station, causing the exterior airlocks to all levels including the bridge to open and the moment it did, the FleetMaster and all the SS activated there Gravity Armour Augments and magnetized to the floors. And for 8 Minutes it wa Silent, and the bodys of those humans who were not even prepared could be seen floating around outside. And now with the humans dealt with, he resealed the station and re-pressurized it, and along with the 2 SS he proceeded to the Data Archive Core, to Retrieve Valuable intel for The Great Journey. Once he and the SS Arrived at the Data Core, he began disabling the cores protection, and interfacing a device to the human console, which would actively find and pull any all useful information. And with the Facility AI also Captured, the operation of securing the Data was Successful, and he and the 2 SS proceeded back to the Hanger were a Fully Operational Phantom was now waiting to pick up the SS, and the one they used was rigged with a SlipSpace Drive which would wipe the facility and all evidence of them ever being here off the map forever. Once the Phantom was Rigged and tied into the Station main Power Core and Mac Cannon for extra effect, they all Boarded the Phantom and headed back to the fleets SuperCarrier were the Supreme Commander awaited him with a Deciphered Data Archive, which he was completing while aboard the phantom, and once he arrived on the bridge shortly after arriving he  had learned something he shouldn't have and he had falsified a majority of the Information Besides one human world, he even transferred the AI to a personal data unit of his and broke the chip. And he have both the chip and Manipulated Data Archive drive to the Supreme commander, who inspected them, whom soon praised the FleetMaster and SS on a job well done, and he had handed over a Detonator to the FleetMaster and asked him to do the Honours. And of course not wanting to seem Suspicious he took the Detonator and approached and shielded window on the bridge with the Supreme Commander behind him, and pushed the button Detonating the SlipSpace bomb, and sending the station into Oblivion and it was a Beautiful sight, and nothing but dust and echoes was left behind. Soon Drakon was thanks and was dismissed back to his fleet, and knowing what he knew, he broke comms with the main fleet and jumped into SlipSpace, knowing he had to find Dracarus, that only he would understand, and so he did, and along with Dracarus they formed the Covenant Separatist, which eventually became lightly known as the SoS, but they needed allies. And they knew this so they formed a secret alliance with the UNSC providing them with Coordinates for a Ring World that was in the intel Drakon had changed, and despite the hostility and suspicions the UNSC had with them they agreed and the alliance was forged. But not all things that are good last, not long after the SoS was established on the Ringworld with the UNSC ShipMaster Dracarus Varum, a Brother to Drakon seens as they grew up together a bit, despite never mentioning it before was Killed in combat aboard his own ship by the Covenants personnel Executioner Kal’vesh, who boarded the ship while the SoS was busy assisting the UNSC with the Parasite, Dracarus died a Honorable death. And Drakon, decided to take complete control of the SoS and Step out of the shadows.

Ending Data Log for First Entry.

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Subject: FleetMaster Drakon Valorius

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Continuing background now….

A few days later after the Death of Dracarus varum, FleetMaster Drakon Valorius had arrived and Assumed control of the SoS, and Under his leadership and guidance, new followers and leaders rose up in the SoS and showed what they were capable of and quickly became commanders and warriors of Honor and Integrity. Over the next 2 months Drakon would encounter Covenant Leaders, and those in the SoS who would try to bring it all down on top of him, but they all failed due to the growing might and numbers of the SoS. And despite his lack of love or Faith in the Humans, Drakon soon found himself wondering why the humans were never offered a alliance with the Covenant or why they were not offered a Place, seen as they are Capable warriors and strategists, the questions only made him doubt the prophets even more and further cement his beliefs in the SoS. And all during this time, drakon held onto the Information from the Data Archive and the AI as well, who has taken a liking to him and the SoS, mainly due there switching sides and how they treat humans now. This AI of course, would remain a Secret, and hidden away from all but himself,as the AI had agreed to this on behalf of Drakon. And with the past hidden away, he set his sights on the future of the SoS and who all might continue leading it when he's gone, and he even thought of those who might come and Destroy it, but every now and then his mind did wonder back to the Supreme Commander, believing if he could just convince him of the truth the Covenant could change, but that would have to wait, as he had a Faction to Run and enemies to crush underfoot.  But all the while combating and planning against his enemies while assisting the UNSC, he obtained the Rank of Imperator(Arbiter) and found 2 capable Sangheili of being Senior Command within the SoS, and further securing its future.But even know, with all those capable of leading around him, the SoS is still in danger, especially on this ring, for there are many battles he knows that must be fought. But for now Drakon Rests so he can fight another day, for the Glory of the SoS.
End of File 258-C4568D-5V6YZ-B5
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