Zagan's Event Suggestion(s)

(1) What is your in-game name & Steam ID? - 
Zagan V Inkarna

(2) What type of event is this? (Passive RP, Forum announced, etc.) - 
Passive RP and Forum Announced

(3) What are the details of this event and now will it be run? - 
Voldemort has kidnapped students and the ministers daughter and is holding them captive,
 The Ministry has located them to the Malfoy Manor but are expecting an ambush.
The event will take place in Malfoy Manor!
In the Quidditch Pitch there will be a large box
In the box there will be 2 large staircases leading up to a balcony that contains some kidnapped students and the ministers daughter!
(They will be trapped behind barriers to avoid players taking them before the event is finished)
and at the bottom of the stairs there will be an army of Hostile NPC's such as spiders, skeletons and fellow dark forces all working together to eliminate the Light Forces. Voldemort, Bellatrix and Barty and some other Death Eaters will be at the top of the balcony making sure students don't run up the stairs and get close to the students.
There will be unlimited lives until all the monsters and death eaters are killed 
(Dark Forces will not be able to return but they will have increased health)
There will also be other weapons given such as Swords, Clubs, Crowbars...
Once a Light force dies they are able to walk back into the pitch and there will be an entrance.
but Dark Forces are not allowed to come back once they die (unless they change job to LF)

One the Light Forces eliminate all Dark Forces and Monsters they will take the students and ministers daughter back into the school... BUT WAIT!
Voldemort has sent his most feared beast to attack the courtyard!
(Voldemort still lives on due to his Horcrux's, only his physical body perished)
After the beast has been slain event is over and there can be a party or what not.

Event 2: Pixies!
The Pixies have escaped!
There will be four containers with colours representing the different houses in each corner of the Inner-Courtyard.
There will be a large amount of balls spawned in the middle of the courtyard and once the games starts players will have to take the balls from the centre of the courtyard and place them in their houses containers, the house with the most balls at the end of the event wins a price.. (Galleons??)
But there is a catch! The pixies will be trying to sabotage the event by removing the balls from the houses containers and placing them back in the middle of the inner-courtyard.
You are not allowed to stand on the container to prevent players from taking your spherical objects
Students can steal from other houses, along with the pixies
Pixies are not allowed to target a specific house. (A pixie assigned for each house??)
You can stupefy Pixies to save your container!
How to create the pixies:
Set 4 players to peeves
Resize the model to be smaller and replace VClip with a fast running speed

Event 3: The Island! (v2)
Uh Oh! Whats in the sky?!
A strange glowing light has been appearing in the sky, the students awake one morning to find a small island hovering above the ditch outside the castle walls.
There appears to be some creatures on it...
The creatures want to take over the school for... Reasons.
 The students need to eliminate the creatures and blow up the island!
How To:
Remodel players to anything, resize them to be slightly smaller and give them increase running speed along with melee weapons to use instead of wands.

Once all the creatures have been killed students will shoot spells towards the island and a gamemaker will remove the island giving the impression of the Island being blown up or disintegrated.

Event 4: Trouble in Hogwarts
There seems to be traitors amongst the school planning to assassinate every student.
Several students have been found dead over the last couple of days, no suspects have been discovered yet or any evidence leading towards a singular player... The school is in lockdown and no one can be trusted, it is up to the students and teachers to eliminate the threat and Make Hogwarts SAFE Again.
Hogwarts has hired a team of detectives to help find the Traitors.

How To:
Block off all the dorms to avoid knew players joining in halfway and to avoid players coming back and killing the player who killed them. also block off Dumbledore's office, any entry into the outer courtyard and entry into astronomy.
The Traitors will be selected randomly and privately messaged that they will be the traitor.
The Detectives will be volunteers.

 Student model with solid green colour on them 
(So they do not get confused with students that have just joined)

There will be 3 detectives
Modelled at the Horcrux Hunter
The Detectives have no chance in being a traitor so they are automatically revealed as innocent, attempting to kill the Detective will reveal you as a Traitor, if you are an innocent and you kill the detective it will be counted as RDM.

10% of the players participating will be Traitors.
They will be modelled the exact same as Innocents with the green solid colour covering their model. They will try to blend in and take out as many students as they can without being caught. The Bathroom and Infirmary will be Traitor Zones, Only traitors will be allowed in this area and it will supply some melee weapons and some other OP weapons for the traitors to use, if you catch a traitor walks into or out of these rooms they are automatically revealed.
What if someone is suspicious? If you see someone walking past a dead body, or someone keeps following you you can advert "(name) Acts Suspicious"
Once someone is adverted as being suspicious they will have their model colour changed to orange.
What if someone shoots me? If you are an innocent and someone shoots you they will be revealed as a traitor, you can kill them or run away. If you choose to run away (The Safe option) you can advert "(Name) Is a Traitor!"
Once someone is adverted as a traitor they will have their model colour changed to Red.
Traitors are allowed to falsely advert if someone is a traitor (even if the person they adverted is innocent) but once the player they adverted dies the traitor will be revealed.

- Once you die you can not use OOC or Advert to state who the traitor is or who killed you. You are out of the event and can no longer participate.
- Innocents and Detectives must not enter the Bathroom or Infirmary
- Innocents must not attack others without a valid reason!
Valid Reasons include, But are not limited to:
User would not stop following me after 3 warnings
I witnessed the user kill another player
I saw them with a Traitor Weapon (From the Bathroom or Infirmary)
Massive Free-spelling
Invalid Reasons, But are not limited to:
A dead user stated it
User looked at me funny
My Finger Slipped
- You must not lie and state you're a traitor if you are innocent
This is basically the gamemode TTT transferred to Harry Potter.

(4) What problems could arise and how could the be remedied? -
Event 1:
RDM - QP could be a small area for everyone to PvP
Lag - Everyone shooting spells, NPCS...
Event 2:
Potential Lag - Many entities
Event 3:
Potential Lag - Many entites
Potential RDM
Event 4:
Potential RDM
Event taking a longer duration of time compared to traditional events
Time consuming to set up
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The events you described sounds pretty fun and enjoyable.
These events are possible to do and would involve EVERYONE to participate.
I haven't seen a lot of events around my time [GMT] so it would be great to have a few more events going on.
I think the last event i saw or participated in was Gina's Queen Elizabeth coming to hogwarts.

Overall - Let's make it happen. :D
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Added 2 more suggestions ~
Event 4 is a WIP and just a brief idea, any suggestions added towards it would be very much appreciated.
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