(1) What is your in-game name & Steam ID? - 

Raven Heart-Dragon 

(2) What type of event is this? (Passive RP, Forum announced, etc.) - 

A huge event like super big so yes up on the forms if needed 

(3) What are the details of this eventand now will it be run? - 

So this event revolves around the new Potions update nothing need to be changed with that but it is heavily involved with it 

so, a bit of story of how this plays out roughly bear with me with this its going to be long.

At first there will be a strict class on finding ingredients as there was a Potions class as the teacher made a new recipe for a " New and improved Liquid Luck" as a half the class gose by they gather all the ingredients or how ever long it takes for the class to gather each ingredient on the server, after that there will be a full Potions class where everyone can brew this "New Liquid Luck" after everyone had a supplied potion they all use it as a test period to make sure it works but there is something wrong people are slowly shrinking and have really bad hiccups, not knowing what to do the professor runs to the headmaster's office and asking him what to do as he is in a panic state. Not believing the Potions professor he gose to the inner court yard to find his students are shrinking rapidly those who where in the class at the time. 

Dumbledore calls an emergency meeting at the grate hall for those students who are still tall, he calls and emergency and calls the ministry as well to say about there sinking problems, after they all gather Dumbledore requested that each ingredient be found so they can have a reversible portion to bring them back. 

Now this is the fun part after the emergency its on a time limit so each 100 seconds the student get shrunken down and down until there no more so in this next part they gather as much ingredients as they can and start makeing Potions left and right that are already on the server ofcourse but if they dont find the "reversible" potion in time all the shrunken students die.


 but there is a twist one snatcher heard about the unforeseen events at Hogwarts and takes the recipe for the shrinking potion to Voldemort and the Dark forces make there own shrinking potions, the snathers run into the school woth the new shrinking Potions and they say to the students and facility "WE FOUND THE REVERSIBLE POTION EVERYONE GATHER TTLO THE MIDDLE COURTYARD" as everyone gathers up the Dark forces jump in and they trow the shrinking Potions at the Minister and Dumbledore and the rest of the school.

(And yes the DFs take over if  the school cant find the reversible ingredients in time as well)


they would call all the students into one place and they would poured the reversible shrinking Potions on them and thats the end done 

But thats never going to happen 

(4) What problems could arise and how could the be remedied? -

Oh there is lots 
~Someone makeing the boom potion and booming the whole courtyard or when ever 
~Grave Yard raids
~Dark forces killing students for no reason while they look for ingredients 
~ potions not spawning 
~Long event
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