San's Moderator Application!

Indeed prefects a good amount (as hogwarts horcrux normally). I've seen San teach a few classes, so it isn't uncommon. Well-rounded person, very nice, sociable, and respectful. Mature. I didn't know San's age until reviewing this application, definitely acts more mature than the age given. I believe San would be commendable staff member, if he wants to be. +1.

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San is a mature and is very helpful by prefecting a good bit along with teach. 
He deserves a shot, no doubt!
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I think it's time for me to lock this application for the reasons stated below.

Throughout my time on hogwarts it seems like i'v gotten no where, If I minge or follow the rules I still get the same reaction from people.
From being in this community for 5 months playing pretty much everyday I feel like only "long term" players [A year or over] or people who are good friends with high ranking staff or staff in general get this position.
Take Boe for example, He came out of no where as a trial mod at prestige 1. Yes some people 100% deserve to be staff, but it does feel like this sometimes.
I guess i'm not fit for staff on SBS.
[I just wanted to get how I feel out there, not trying to target people]
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Applicant has requested Lock. 

Check your PMs btw.

Thread Locked.
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