Tom Sanguis L d'Aquitaine Mod app #5

One of the things i remember management telling me when i was a trial is that "real life comes first"

When you were a trial your friend irl passed away and you took 1 day off to grieve! 1 DAY! out of 4 WEEKS... Other times i seen you on the server you did 10 + hours, sometimes more sometimes a little less. MOST of the time solo as well! How was that low activity? REAL LIFE COMES FIRST REMEMBER...When i started my trials, Tom you were awesome, helped me out a lot as well and even advised me on situations that I had to deal with. For a 15 year old lad, you're mature, knows how to deal with situations, knows the rules and was an excellent staff member. IF you really want to have another go then go for it, LET HIM BACK.

When staff are present in game, they are pretty hard on trials, most want to see you do well and succeed while others don't really care. Comments left on this application what I have seen are really childish and idiotic and you's need your heads shook. Adults are adults for a reason, Not children and Tom Your more of an adult them most of them on here.

My vote is going to be a +1
You shouldn't of been let go in the beginning.

Edit - I have seen the proof from Tom that it was his inactivity which let him to fail his trials... NOTHING else was mentioned
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Being inactive wasn't the reason. If something else was said then something else was said but i'm 99% sure. For my vote i'm going with a -1. I have to agree with those who had voted the same as me before hand. There was a huge problem with those 2 people and it was brought up. I even had to talk to you the first week about a problem (the banning of under year 5 students for "harassment and prefect abuse" also without a sit) that was handed to me and the response i won't forget. You were given 6 weeks since the managers had their own lives to attend to and needed to fix stuff, The last week there were still issues that needed attended to even when you had the time. Activity wasn't the issues. The management of bans/kicks and who trained you/talked to you about stuff was. You're a cool dude but i don't think its the right time to apply again. So again.

I have to go with a -1

Edit : as i said if inactivity was mentioned then it was mentioned but there are MAJOR problems with who he trusts.
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Reggie explained it perfectly. I feel like your opinion on matters was influenced by others and that if you had to make decisions on your own you would lack the skills to give fair judgement and just do things by the book.

Also judging by what other said it shows that your social personality can really backfire as Moderator. If youre sitting on or are a dragon and the person with you aint a mod they should stay silent during the sits and you shouldnt be influenced by whatever they say cuz I don't know if ur willing to give up people when they fuck up.

I'm a hypocrite for saying this I know cuz I preach against the system quite often but youre a hypocrite for breaking the rules like that while you give unneccesary long bans to others cuz you just "follow the list of rules" like its a bible or something.

Be more human be less robot

- some random minge named Timo

Tom was a great mod whenever I saw him on and unfortunately for him most
of the time he was solo staffing as a trial mod, if he went to ex staff for help when he needed
it he shouldn't be punished for it. He did the only thing he could since there was very rarely
other staff on while he was on. 

The fact that some players have used his app to attack other players they don't like 
because they heard rumors or because Tom went to them for advice is disgusting.

Good luck Tom  Heart
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Tom is active, Dedicated, Friendly and he knows the rules very well 

GL with you app Tom

Edit The past Couple of days i have seen you RDM, and break rules so now i will have to go with a -1 im sorry tom
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Nothing else to be said here anymore

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Literally the hottest grill on this game.


Also was an amazing game trial moderator but that seems to be besides the point, huh?

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-1 sorry Tom but I just kicked you for part taking in a suicide pact 
Unfortunately it seems you need more time.
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Lock Pls :D
I'm looking at the moment more at the fun things on the server instead of the serious things. I think a lot of people should have more fun. Anyways this is not the right time for me to apply lol.
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Thread Locked as requested

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