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I'v only ever seen you play the "veela" job, not so much any leader roles.
You're very quiet and I see you most of the time standing still and watching what other people do
Once I see you open yourself more socially and prove that you can handle being a leader i'll change this to a +1
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Like what most of the other replies have said, I can also agree that I have really only seen you on two jobs: the Custom that you play on 99% of the time, and the generic student job you switch to in order to get homework and/or spells the other 1% of the time.

You've gotta get off that custom and start prefecting and teaching before I can give you a +1.


I watched you prefect the other day, and you spent a rather large chunk of time on the Slytherin Prefect job. I feel like you might need to take more initiative and commit to arresting someone. You stood around an awful lot in classrooms and didn't do much. Knowing the rules is one thing but acting to uphold and support them is another.

My vote remains neutral.

So I've noticed Colleen prefecting tonight and she showed a very clear understanding of the rules.
+1 from me
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Neutral for basically the same reasons as everyone else

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Once upon a time I waved at you, and you waved back
Also something about knowing the rules and perfecting
                                                                                                     I'm mostly always constantly a variable.

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Very active
I have never seen a rule broken by her
I have also seen her help newbies navigating their UI or simply, just directing them to their respective classes. 
Could prefect some more and get a mic.
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Netural to +1

I’ve not recently seen you on much the only time I have seen you on was yesterday and yes you was perfecting doing a good job. When I see you in game you are mostly very Quiet and you do stand around a lot. I would like to see you teach and prefect a lot more and I will watch you and see how you do.

Good Luck
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+1 Because I feel the server needs more mods who know the rules and have played on the server for over a year, regardless of job variation and leadership. 

Not to mention the fact that Colleen is consistently friendly and has no issues with anyone to my knowledge. 

 Oh, about the Mic issue there's plenty of current and former mods who don't have a mic and have never used one (that I've heard at least), so I feel like that point is pretty moot. 
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Application accepted. Congratulations!

Thread Locked.
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