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The only few times i've seen you on due to timezone you did absolutely nothing but be a ghost and go around adverting to join our discord and forums. 
They are a automated message that don't need to be adverted. 
Within those 5-6 hours I was on not a single class was taught by you. 
Though your a decent prefect but need to remember to sometimes give warnings for only small things and not just wack them straight to the depths of hell immediately. 
You are also fairly new to the server with a total of  8 and a half hours played on the server. 
I do also believe you need to learn a bit more about the server,get your name out there and maybe hang around our teamspeak. 
Your a nice guy but I think you need to show more responsibility and leadership roles before you could reconsider reapplying for a staff position. 
Im very sorry if this seemed harsh its what I know of you and what I know of you may not be the good 
side but always be the good side no matter what.
Anyways best of luck with your application
Redgie <3
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Think you have the wrong person i never play as a ghost and i also have way more then 8 hours on the server , but i will take a note from the other things you sayed and thank you for the suggestions but again i never played as a ghost or advertising the discord

Application locked, 

30 days, you may apply anytime

Edit thread re opened till meeting
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Neutral leaning towards -1

You have not been active recently, and when I do see you online you are only "Chopper the Dragon". However, I have had no problems with you, just try and pick up the activity.

Good Luck on your application!
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(06-10-2019, 06:56 AM)Daphne Xenos-Klein-Ragnulf Wrote: Hello welcome back to server. I think you need to spend time before making an app. Prove that you are dedicated to the server. And improve on learning the rules. You didn’t put effort on your app. Erp is not only about sex you can try to learn rule 9. 
Since im loa, i dont know which jobs you playing as and if you are prefecting and active enough. Ill give -1 for now if i see you trying more and improve your app i will change. 

^ Same up there 


Application is short

Needs more detail

Never heard of you before
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Thread Relocked, Passed 30 days
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