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(07-04-2019, 01:13 AM)Jake Aeternalis-Sanguis Wrote: I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure that what you’re suggesting is impossible to implement- at least into a Garry’s Mod server.

He has the animaguses for a reason, if he runs away then just call a DOS and get the other prefect to catch him when he’s not expecting it.


Edit: My bad. If he transforms, stands still and taunts you to avoid being arrested  then yeah as Gwen said, that’s metagaming as it’s not possible to send animaguses to detention. In that case, just report it as Gwen said, but my vote still stands.

-1 I agree with Jake and Gwen
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+1 just make a rule that he can't run from detention with the animagus...
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Neutral to +1

It's not something that needs to be coded into the server, it's as easy as making a rule that if you are on DOS then you can't transform to run away, you would need to use spells. It's simple and easy.
Coding something to stop the ability to transform on DOS would not be complicated either though. It would just need to be a different system for DOS most likely.
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I mean its one of the yogi's abilities , he can transform so why wouldnt he use that ability to run away. -1
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-1 There is a quick easy way to arrest yogi's just catch them off guard, also agreeing with comments above about this.

This like I've stated is almost impossible, while would be nice though.

Nevertheless this suggestion is 30 days old or more and must be locked
Feel free to suggest this again at any time.

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