Climb Swep Alternative

-1 Everything has already been stated by Jai.

-snip- please do not tell people they should not be playing games, that isn't your call to make and is disrespectful

I personally use arm movement due to having a large enough mouse pad and slow sensitivity making it more comfortable to use.

Edit: If it hurts, you’re most likely not doing it in a way that is not comfortable.There are different options to climbswep that do not involve having to add the grapple hook to every job. I know someone who was able to climbswep somewhat with one good hand (other hand was covered completely with a cast). Not only that, I know that most GMs would be willing to help those who are struggling to keep up with climbswep during events. Climb swep is not something that is necessary so neither is the grappling hook.

I used to play CS:GO all the time and got somewhat decent at it so here’s a good guide that can still transfer over and help you get a better sensitivity. Find what is comfortable for you;

Sensitivity: .8
DPI: 800
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Again I don't want to be disrespectful and I am sure everyone who as replied doesn't either it's just that there are other options to climb swep that you guys might not have explored yet :)
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Just want to clarify that I have been given other options in game (which I have taken and appreciate), I only made the suggestion because I've heard other people have issues too and rather than ask for help with just me I thought I'd make this suggestion for others aswell.

I also want to say I have a medical condition which I'm being treated for and I have ways to manage pain and prevent damage from gaming, however climb swep after a bit causes my issues to flare up. I didn't expect much from this mostly wanted more opinions after I saw support in the discord and it seems quite a few feel the same but I do understand how important climb swep is for some and I don't want an important part taken away and I do see the difficulty in finding an alternative.

There is gonna be issues like this all the time, and yes it sucks not being able to be a part of something due to lack of skill or medical reasons, whatever it may be. However, most issues people probably run into with climbswep is lack of skill. If you are experiencing issues because of a medical reason, that sucks but I don't think the entire server should change for it. I also don't say this to make you run from the community, but if their is an issue with your wrist maybe try arm movement or even try higher sensitivity to see if that helps. 

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+1: RULE OF COOL, grappling hooks are badass.
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+1 good idea

Denied for now, Lock and move. (If this is something that is badly wanted, we are willing to try it, but we wont mass implement it)
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Denied and Locked
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