Auras Highcom APP

From what I've seen you're mature and responsible, in my eyes you are more than capable 

+1 ... AURA IS THE MOST WORTHY PERSON FOR HIGHCOM. He is serious, gets the job done with results, and doesn't take shit. He is the definition of leadership material.


With you having an open mind, and having an un-bias opinion, as well as experience on other servers and this one, you'd make an excellent candidate for the position. I understand what you mean by cooldown problem with the promotion and wouldn't mind you resolving that issue.

Aura, you are probably going to be my #1 option for HighCom. You are  open minded, a great leader, you know your stuff, you’ve had plenty of experience, you don’t take anyone else’s shit, and a pretty good staff member. Seeing how you have been my CO not once but twice now, I can tell that HighCom is where you belong. +1
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