List your 7 signs of the apocalypse

Hey guys, so I'm wondering what you guys would consider your "7 signs of the apocalypse," or 7 things that annoy you/1st world problems, they can be funny or realistic, doesn't matter. Just wanna see what yall can come up with. 

Here are mine:

1. Professor without a mic that insta-switches to a professor role during the active class, doesn't use /y and refuses to give homework/spells at the end of class because students weren't paying attention.

2. Playing as a charms professor and somebody shouts: "Hey it's a midget!" and then a bunch of students swarm you and stand on your head.

3. Master prestige player minging and hosting parties in the RS

4. Every RDA sit ever

5. People spamming "UwU Gang" binds in ooc

6. Dumbledore leading an army of students to the dark forest to "find ingredients."

7. Eggs in tomato soup
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1. Eating pineapple pizza

2. Being Spencer Curze-Patel

3. Being Spencer Curze-Patel

4. Spencer eating pineapple pizza

5. Spencer resigning

6. When someone buys a Samsung phone

7. Spencer Curze-Patel
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1 - Someone playing filch but actually actively following the rules

2 - Every student for all houses all responsibly attending class

3 - Someone finally finding the chamber of secrets

4 - Voldemort is sorted into hufflepuff

5 - Potions then Freetime then Quidditch then Great Hall then Lockdown and then everything all over again

6 - Admin I figured out what galleons are for

7 - Nobody cares about slytherin
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1. Getting Kelly's phone number 
2. Sharing lunch with Kelly and thea
3 Going to kfc and ordering a salad 
4 Drinking 1% milk
5. Asking a girl for her brothers number 
6. Asking Kelly for her brother number 
7. Installing gmod
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Lyla quitting playing wow and returning to sbs hogwarts rp

that’s when you know shit’s about to go down

1. Jacob doing an event
2. Jacob doing an event
3. Jacob doing an event
4. Jacob doing an event
5. Jacob doing an event
6. Tony getting on the server
7. Jacob doing an event
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1. The fact we only have 10 years to fix what we broke on the last 200 years. 
2.The fact we only have 10 years to fix what we broke on the last 200 years.
3.The fact we only have 10 years to fix what we broke on the last 200 years.
4.The fact we only have 10 years to fix what we broke on the last 200 years.
5.The fact we only have 10 years to fix what we broke on the last 200 years.
6. Water sheep 
7.The fact we only have 10 years to fix what we broke on the last 200 years.

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7 Annoyances 

1. Putting my phone down and losing it after turning around.

2. Counting down seconds of my life by the microwave.

3.Being told how to behave by somebody younger than me while playing Gmod.
4. Being tired an hour after waking up from an 8 to 9hr slumber.

5. Hearing obnoxious artist ads on spotify because I refuse to get premium. 

6. Overhearing somebody talk about "young and old souls".

7. My pistol jamming during a sunday morning drive by.
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7 signs of the apocalypse

1. not giving me owner

2. not giving me co owner

3. not giving me server manager

4. not giving me staff manager 

5. not giving me admin

6. not giving me mod

7. giving Amelia staff

(07-17-2019, 10:06 AM)Officer ree anna Wrote: 7. giving Amelia staff

Bit rude.

I have one reason, that is, drinking warm milk
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