Question about languages.

So just a question about the server “Hogwarts RP” so it seems that we are no longer able to speak other languages since it’s a “English” server. I’m confused because from my last understanding was that if you where going to play as an “RP Leader” or any sorts of you teaching would be an English lecture that you can give, but now that’s changed that even talking in OOC can get you banned? I was on the server the other day and pretty much people stated to get shut down for talking in OOC in other languages, I guess it might be “frustrating” if you can’t understand but the server is made up of a lot of other cultures. Hell I’ve been speaking Spanish in this server since 2016 and not we get threatened with a ban if we do? Shit might as well play NatziRP, would make more since. 

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Now you have to speak English since its a English Server. However, i never knew you could get banned for it...

I suppose its fine tho if PMing someone in another language.
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Yeah, it's fucking retarded. I used to talk Portuguese so many times in ooc before, and the other day I got asked not to. I feel like english speaking people are just insecure about what others are saying. fokin snowflakes
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I can't legally speak Norwegian and Spanish in ooc >:c
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Aren't the rules made in a way where you have to keep it to English in ooc but you can speak whatever language with your friends (voice chat) as long as it's not in a big crowded area? 

Someone said it was like that once and it does make sense. It's also easier for staff if everything is more or less in english since it's hard to see if people are doing hatespeech/being disrespectful or whatnot if they use a foreign language.

Idk. The whole thing is super confusing and I would love to be able to use my language in ooc lmao.
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i thought it was okay as long as you’re not being disruptive OR disrespectful towards other ppl in your language, i want to know who was the staff member said you couldn’t, that’s an issue imo lol. staff members are there to keep the players on the server, that’s their whole purpose

I've seen staff saying this for a while now, this is nothing is new.

Imo I think it's fine unless you are spamming ooc or saying bad words
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I always allow other languages just as long as you said they are playing an rp leader or spam ooc. I’m fine with that.
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As long as you're not spamming OOC with a foreign language or trying to socialize with people using the language(who don't speak it). Also as long as it's not all you're doing. It is an English only server, but don't flood ooc/mic with it. It shouldn't be a big issue otherwise. Idk what the rules are for it now though.
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I remember when I first started staff and encountered a non-English speaker. 

I was then instructed by the staff manager at that time to ban the player for a few days. 

We're obviously not as strict as we used to be on the rules for non-English speakers.
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