HaloRP Sever Suggestion.

(1) Hazel:Frost:Slime. I have many names, the most on the sever probably. But you know who I am ;-;.

(2)Your suggestion: In the UNSC promotion tab, I feel like a reason should be listed with the promotion/demotion. Ex(not real); PVT Flippy Mc Dingel Chalk > PFC, reason: Outstanding field work along with great co-op.

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: I feel like it’s getting to a point of needed because it was brought to my attention the Seraphin has been promoting a list of people just because they play, saying that we need NCO marines doesn’t fix a problem because if you promote someone that hasn’t even been through training yet, you don’t really know how well they can/will do, promotions shouldn’t be unlocked like a Loyalty Rank, nor should they be given out like grandma’s cookies.

This could also slow down promotions (Which is good in a way, we do promote fairly quickly) along with making people feel good about getting their promotions/wanting to work for it.

Another thing this COULD, bring is the fact that people that WANT to be promoted will make them selves known and will work for it if they want it. They won’t just hop off after an event because they didn’t get promoted, if they really do want it they will stick around and make their work/presence known.

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: Possible negatives is more work for CO’s and having to pay more attention to their regiment.

I'm glad you brought this up.

Promotions should NEVER be given out without reasonings like these. This is likely the case that there just isn't the leadership tradition needed on the server, and that's why things like this are happening, but regardless I do have to say that from my experience this is a huge no-no.

It should never be listed as a negative that officers have to pay more attention to their battalions more either. I know why you did it, and I'm not saying you're wrong. But I just want to make it clear that officers should already be paying attention to their battalions enough to where they aren't just promoting to fill spots. A corporal, or even a first class, can perform the role of a sergeant just fine without the rank. In fact, having them fulfill leadership roles with whatever ranks they currently hold is exactly how you see if they're ready for becoming NCOs or officers. But overall, from where I come from, promoting people to fill roles is seen as extremely lazy (except for a few select cases).

But there is a slight disclaimer in regards to the fact that there's more to the promotions that are given out on the server, I feel. But in the hierarchy of problems on the server, the triage if you will, they will just have to be addressed once more pressing issues are resolved.

Overall, if it weren't obvious yet, I am in support of your suggestion. I feel like it more comes down to just officer diligence than just stating a proper reasoning. This will come down to whoever trains the officers, if anyone ever does get around to doing that. Good suggestion though, although if I were to change anything about it I'd just leave Seraphin's name specifically out of it. From my experience that tends to only create friction, unless you've already gone to him personally and discussed these issues with him.
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I agree +1
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